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SorrelHorse 12-27-2011 01:00 AM

Selena Update - No more alfalfa! (And a little video ;D)
So I forgot to tell the trainer when I dropped her off that she shouldn't have alfalfa hay! I pulled her out and she kept pulling on the rope, wouldn't stand still for saddling or mounting (NOT like her!) and when I got on her and asked her to walk, she was STRAIGHT up in the air! LOL. If that isn't a plea for the round pen, I don't know what is!

We spent a good 30 or 40 minutes in the round pen. This video was towards the end of her little playtime. I wondered if something was scared her because at first she was really scooting under with her butt like she was trying to get away from something, but I couldn't find anything for her to be afraid of (She's been in that round pen HUNDREDS of times) so I just kinda stood there and let her play.

At first she was really broncy, then she just kinda ran, and since this was at the end of the video I did kiss to her a little just to make sure I got EVERYTHING out of her (She has a history of bucking really bad, and I was going to be riding in a big group lesson so I wanted her getting all the vinegar out of her blood before I put anyone else in danger!)

In the end, we worked on drill team, and she did GREAT! Didn't even offer any sort of extra energy after her time in the roundpen. Actually the trainer said it was one of our best lessons yet, which was SOOO great to hear, because I was almost in tears by the time I got her out of the roundpen because I was scared she was going to try her old stupid bronc moves! Boy was I pleasantly surprised! I took the opportunity to pet on her and tell her she was good after every manuever, I was so happy. Especially since about three months ago, I would have ended up on my butt!

Without further ado, here's the video :) A long story behind a little 0:45 second video ^^

Selena Entertaining Herself - YouTube

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