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katahttude 12-27-2011 10:57 AM

Coolest Horse Video of my stallion playing ball
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We wish you all a very Happy New Year, and would like to ask a favor. Please help me honor Paddy with the title, "The Coolest Horse in the World".
Paddy was a Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred Stallion (registered under the name of Katahdin) who lived with his small herd on the Eastern Shore of Virginia until his untimely death in 2011 due to complications of EPM and Lyme Disease. He sired lovely Thoroughbred, Anglo Arabian and Appaloosa Sporthorses who are just entering competition now, living from Georgia to Maine. Paddy and I enjoyed riding on the trails with friends, and especially going to Assateague Island, where he would often call to the Chincoteague pony mares, he somehow always knew were nearby. In 2011 he began learning to jump with LBT Equestrian, Lucy Taylor, also of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and he enjoyed new challenges, even at the age of 12. Paddy was a true herd sire, one of the fortunate stallions that enjoyed living with his mares and helping raise his foals. My fondest memories of him are those in which he was playing with or babysitting the babies.
The video I chose to enter was filmed on a microcassette in Craddockville, Virginia, which the video masters of Virginia Equestrian website converted to digital for me a few years ago so that I could share my special fellow with friends from all over the state. You can still find it in the video archives of Virginia Equestrian. I often receive comments from longtime horsemen and women who never realized horses would "play that way" or that stallions could live with their colts. The video has been a great tool for showing the public that stallions can be real "father figures" to young horses and that they have much to teach their foals. And now I hope by entering it in this contest, I can honor Paddy's memory by sharing it with people all over the world in hopes they will vote him as "Coolest Horse in the World".
To vote, please go to the weblink below. It works best with google chrome or mozilla. You will have to register and log in, and then can vote once per 24 hours, per user name, up to 5 votes total. The first video to reach 5000 votes wins $5000.
Thank you so much for your support and helping honor Paddy as the "Coolest Horse".

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