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MacabreMikolaj 12-27-2011 04:20 PM

"We bought our novice child a barrel racing Paint..."
Oy vei, people make me LAUGH. So, I finally greased up an OLD Western saddle I had that's like child size and threw it on Kijiji for $75. It sold in 5 minutes flat, to a couple who'd just bought their daughter a horse. She mentioned they didn't have much, and I said I could probably sell them a saddle blanket and bridle, just give me a call.

She calls me a week later, and let's me know they have NOTHING. They bought a 7 year old barrel racing Paint at auction for $700. Um, what? How old is your child? 9! Has she had lessons? No, only ridden carnival ponies. :-| How big is this horse? I don't know, 950 pounds? Oh dear lord.... Has anybody ridden it yet? Nope!

So I offer to come out and ride this animal for them and make sure it doesn't kill their child, and at the same time bring them a cinch, saddle blanket, bridle, bit, halter and leadrope as well as various equipment to try out and figure out what this horse is going to go best in.

Me and Shay-la arrive at the auction yard..........and immediately break into HYSTERICS. This is the "950 pound barrel racing Paint" we found nickering intently to us....

Meet Lena, the blatantly Welsh cross MAYBE 13hh PONY!

Boy oh boy, was I ever glad I thought to bring my tiny 4.5" snaffle on a whim! The bridle barely fits (have to keep her halter on underneath!), and the MONSTER saddle I brought because I wasn't getting on this thing with a kid's saddle would have touched her tail I swear!

So funny story, but unfortunately I'm pretty sure this little thing will end up back at auction. She's sweet enough, no kick or bite, I doubt any buck or rear, but OBNOXIOUS and pushy as hell. I must have whacked her with my elbow a dozen times for trying to rub on me and she just didn't learn. She trys to trample anyone handling her (sold them a rope halter and that sure fixed her attitude half decent), and when I tied her up to untack her, she threw a huge temper tantrum. These people don't even know what a bridle is or how to do a saddle up. *sighs* Why does everyone think owning a horse is SO easy?

Anyway, enjoy some pics of the big crazy Paint that had me bringing my helmet and feeling a little nervous as I pulled up!
N'aw, you're a big scary barrel racer, aren't you?!
13hh pony + kid's saddle = unhappy Miko bum
Thank god I could put her in a snaffle, I was having nightmares of some big horse that couldn't be stopped without a curb and a kid with NO clue how to handle reins. She straight reins half decent, no neckreining.
Cute little trot, it was icy as heck though.
Her new little owner on her
Showing her how to use the reins
They're such a good fit, it's a crying shame the whole family is horse dumb
So cute together.

They're ALL intimidated by her, which is a shame, I shoved her around pretty good and if she had an owner with even a LICK of horse sense, I think they'd be ok. As is, we're betting on her landing back at auction by spring. :-(

DuffyDuck 12-27-2011 04:26 PM

We have the same out our place, the amount of times I've had to interfere before a serious accident happens.. old school pony, cute as a button, good jumper being sold as the place was closing down, I let my YO know if he wanted it for his lessons, as I used to be at said stables. He said no, but I know someone who knows someone who is looking for a pony. So me and him went up there, I rode it infront of him and he phoned the person that knew the other person, and they bought it. The kid can walk, and the pony takes the mickey, if its left on its own in the school it tanks off, I had to get on because it threw the kid, sat deep loose reins, and let him crack on and he settled.. but still unsuitable.

CUTE as a button pony though, hope they get help or something more suitable!! Looks like the sort the kid could grow up with!

Golden Horse 12-27-2011 04:27 PM

YEAH you're back:clap::happydance:missed you

What a cute little barrel racer! and you look cute on her it has to be said.

What a star to try and help these people out and tray and stop their kiddie getting killed.

Kimmylikestojump 12-27-2011 04:28 PM

Maybe by 'barrel horse' they meant that she was shaped like a barrel? LOL

Jake and Dai 12-27-2011 04:29 PM

That pony is really just too cute with her little rider on top.

Dare I say it MM, but it would be so cool if they paid you and/or Shay-la to get her to be a kids pony for that little girl. I bet you could sort her out in no time!

Very sweet of you to go as far as you did though. :)

maura 12-27-2011 04:30 PM

Leave them your contact info.

She's very cute, decently put together and appears to be a half decent mover.

If her real problem is "just not really broke" I'd be very tempted to take her, put some manners on her and resell. (Often ponies this size are never truly trained or educated.)

Even though the market is bad right now; cute+spots+manners should sell.

If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? I think she might be closer to 14 HH.

MacabreMikolaj 12-27-2011 04:38 PM

Yeah, they have my info. We pushed for a coach/lessons, we gave them some names of people in the area. I'd take her in a second and put some manners on her, but these people live over an hour away and they'd have to be willing to pay the board, which I somehow doubt they are.

She's absolutely adorable, me and Shay-la already agreed if they try to unload her, wed snatch her up for a couple hundred in an instant and just beat some sense into her for a kid and re-sell in a couple months. :lol: Someone HAS put work into her, she's just been allowed to get away with murder for too long.

maura - yeah, she's probably more like 13.1hh or 13.2hh. I'm 5'6", and Justus is 14hh so I know she's definitely not 14hh but I was riding one of Shay-las old ponies who was 13.2hh and it was much like being on him.

I left them my info and told them to contact me with ANY questions.

OwnedByAlli 12-27-2011 05:09 PM

Haha I know the feeling. Neighbour asks me 'Emma? Any chance of you re-schooling my ex point to pointer who hasn't been riden in 10 yrs?' Me (teenager desperate for a horse) 'Erm... Ok' turn up at the field to find a softie of a mare who needed less straight grain and some time spent loving her!

While riding said mare, I almost flipped at some stupid obnoxious stupid girls. They raced up behind me and with no warning overtook me as I am trying to contain this flighty mare then broke into a very uncontrolled race in an almost gallop 5 yards infront of me along a road! If it wasn't for the fact I was in the company of a 9yr old, I would have dismounted at their stable and given them a lecture they wouldn't forget- and no holding back for their feelings!

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