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MangoRoX87 12-29-2011 02:12 PM

Gold Metal brand?
Just bought an English saddle today to play around with.
The brand is "Gold Metal" and it's made in England...
Anyone ever heard of this brand?
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Corazon Lock 12-29-2011 04:12 PM

I own a Gold Medal saddle...I think it's the combination jumping saddle with a deeper seat. I've had it for six months and so far have no complaints. The billet holes may need to be widened in order to tighten the girth, but that was my only problem. Fits my horse nicely and looks nice too. I read somewhere that this brand is good and someone had one of the Gold Medal saddles for almost a decade.

MangoRoX87 12-29-2011 06:43 PM

A decade? Is that long for an english saddle? If so, dang. Lol
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Corazon Lock 12-30-2011 12:31 PM

I would assume so lol but I don't know. Anyway, I really like mine. Did you get yours from Apparently mine was about a $2000 saddle but I got it for about $500 out of with the Libertyville Liquidation store and a coupon from the Practical Horseman mag. It was a really good deal.

MangoRoX87 12-30-2011 09:51 PM

Actually...I bought mine off a friend for $150!!!
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Strange 01-03-2012 10:44 AM

10 years isn't unheard of if the saddle is well cared for. A former coach of mine has a few jump saddles that are 12-15 years+ and they look almost new still.

As for Gold Medal saddles? I've never heard of them before, so I can't help you too much with that, lol.

MangoRoX87 01-03-2012 12:23 PM

My friends saddle is at least 20-30 years old. Not the prettiest saddle, but it certainly is in great shape!!
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