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Roperchick 12-30-2011 11:02 PM

My big ol' plow horse is full of suprises
So i only got to ride once while i was home :cry: but it was great! Charlie is SOOOOOO BIG now! hes about 16 or 16.1 hh and still growing! but hes also pretty tubby since nobody has worked him since march. My trainer Diane nicknamed him a plow horse cuz when he runs hes so big that it sounds like a herd of clydesdales coming through!
My friend Holly brought her barrel horse to ride with us so she challenged me to compete with her in barrels!
ya right her little quarter horse gelding runs 13s and my big "plow horse" has never even done a pattern! but none the less we did. His first pattern he had a hard time getting momentum cuz they had set up a small pattern, but after a few he started getting the hang of it and got the time just right to be able to shoot off as soon as we got around the pocket.
now he was still pretty slow, it takes him awhile to build up his steam but im proud of him.
then to make holly mad i took off his bridle n saddle n did it bareback n bridleless at a lope! ha beat that! it was great!!!!!
i cant wait till I can go home again in September to ride some ACTHA rides with my mom and Diane

sorry for that rambling but that was by far my favorite moment from my xmas leave!

Anyways to continue after our epic barrel ride, Holly brought out her little mare, and cross my heart Charlie is in LOOOOVE he could not take his eyes off her. he has been head over heels for her since he first saw her three years ago. when me n charlie ride with holly and her mare in sorting we are unbeatable....anyways they whole time we rode next to each other charlie and Sweettart were rubbing noses n licking each other. if we were standing still they had to be pressing into each other. its really quite cute....but charlie cant be known to have puppy love so he has to flirt with all the other mares there. hes such a pimp. but sweettart is quick to put him back in his place.

to end my novel i just have to say that charlie is the BEST HORSE i have EVER ridden! i heart me some charlie

SarahAnn 12-30-2011 11:07 PM

Sounds like it was a lot of fun!! Horses are usually my favorite part of the day, too. But they're my job, so I lucked out.
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Roperchick 12-30-2011 11:13 PM

It was extra sweet since it was the first time id seen him in 10 months! you are lucky! i have 3 more years till i can make horses my life!

Roperchick 12-30-2011 11:42 PM

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heres some pics from the ride

Attachment 82789

Attachment 82790

Attachment 82791

see how big his head is compared to that black mare?! thats a 16 hand tenessee walker and hes a good inch taller and his head is about 3 inches larger

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