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Faceman 12-31-2011 09:30 AM

Happy New Year
Hope everyone has a Happy New Year...

I wonder what new things 2012 will bring. Those of us who have been around a while remember some former New Years...some of this won't mean anything to the young folks...:rofl:

New Year 2000 - We woke up and Y2K never happened. The world didn't end and everything still worked...:rofl: Al Gore is on TV again...I don't think he can get elected. 8 years of Clinton was enough...

New Year 1990 - Tripped over the phone cord calling our parents...yup, phones had cords.

New Year 1980 - Woke up with a bad knee and it was really hard to get up and change the channel on the TV...wish there was some way to change the channeo without getting up. The news was talking about how people would have computers in their house some day. Right...:roll: Then it started on the election coverage...a peanut farmer against a second rate actor...what's this country coming to?

New Year 1970 - Turned on the TV...checked all 3 channels...nothing on worth watching. President Nixon was taling about the cold war again. Went to my parent's house...stopped at the gas station and got $5 worth of regular for the trip. The gas station attendant washed my windows and checked the oil. Flipped on the radio to hear Wolfman Jack. Made really good, these new Interstate highways are great...

New Year 1960 - Got up, watched Captain Kangaroo. Mr. Greejeans had a real interesting segment, and Bunny Rabbit got Captain Kangaroo with the ping pong balls again...he always falls for that. Then the news came on and they were talking about John Kennedy's campaign...waste of time - a Catholic will never get elected President. Turned on the radio - they are playing that stupid Purple People Eater song. I liked the Beep Beep song about the little Nash Rambler, but the Purple People Eater is stupid. Dad got orders for Germany last week - we are going there to live for 3 years. I wonder what German girls are like...

New Year 1950 - Big day...learned how to tie my shoes, and daddy took me rabbit hunting. He said I was his beagle and made me kick brushpiles to scare the rabbits out. Mommy yelled at me for coming home all muddy and made me take a bath. The baby was crying most of the day...probably pooped her pants again. She can't poop in a potty like I can...

michellensmarty 12-31-2011 09:36 AM

Happy New Year!!!!!! :-):-):-):-)

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