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annaleah 01-01-2012 05:02 PM

Weight loss journey to a new horse....
Hello all,

As some of you already know..I am starting this journal not only in hopes of support through all this..but to hopefully help others who are struggling with weight loss too. My hubby and I made a deal that if I lost 45 pounds..he would, with no questions asked, buy me my horse! This part of my journey begins today and will end next december. Then another chapter will open the day I have my new horse's leadrope in my hands.
My weight loss plan is to work out at the local gym starting out with walking and some weight lifting to strengthen my back, torso and arms. I will work myself up to running 4 miles every other day, and the days in between, I have chosen to do the P90X yoga,which is tough, I've done it once before, and I thought I was gonna die at the end and was sore all over for the next four days, but it works, and I will push through the pain to achieve my goal. I will be buying a scale next week because no, I do not own one...and I will be tracking my weight weekly. I am cutting out all junk food and breads..which will be extremely hard seeing as how those are my favorite things to eat!! Every so often i will treat myself,but it will be something very small.
This morning at sunday school, someone brought in entenmans donuts!! My absolute favorite!! I sat there and thought..God must be testing me and on my very first day!! So not fair....I sat and looked at that box and wanted to run up there and grab just one...but instead I took some deep breaths and thought..if you give in will again and again. So, instead I sat there and ate my peanut butter crackers which I tried to imagine were one of those, I am proud of myself for not eating those donuts that I so wanted...One hurdle for the day conquered!Now, only 364 days to go! Oh man,is this going to be a tough journey...but I will do it because at the end of that long tunnel I can faintly hear my horse neighing for me....

Derry girl 01-02-2012 12:51 PM

Good luck! :-)

Fellpony 01-02-2012 06:46 PM

Good Luck. I own my pony but I am also losing weight, its hard but it will be worth it when you finally get your horse :)

Moveurasets 01-02-2012 07:11 PM

Well I just got my 2 for Christmas but I am hoping to lose some weight by the time they are ready to ride. Good luck

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