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Painted Ride 06-30-2008 04:05 AM

mini barefeet?
i just bought my first miniature paint stallion, Cash. the lady that i bought him from had 2 mares about to founder due to poor hoof mantinence. cash's feet were so long i had to trim them which was a little bit of a challenge due to trying to get under all 27'' if him. i will try to up load pics to get some advice. please don't be shy how do they look? i do not have photos of his hooves b4. these will be after i trimmed him up. i did however take about 1cm off each hoof! i am also trying to ween him off of sweet feed?!?!?!how? i am giving him steam crimped oats w/ alfalfa.

barefoothooves 06-30-2008 07:32 AM

Ahh, yes, the mini set. LOL Some of the little guys that I trim are trained to lay down for me. They are really nice little guys and that makes it easier, yet harder, too as it totally changes the perspective!

Since we don't have "befores" to compare to, I'm just going to pick at what I see. The heel is much too high still.The first pic looks like a young horse's hoof, how it's constricted at the very bottom, looks like a yearling's or weanling's foot, as the hoof they are born with has to spread and grow, that original "hoof" leaves a tiny, restricted looking seam, like you see at the bottom of this hoof. How young is this guy?Could be a founder ring, but it actually just looks like a young foot, But I digress......

His heels need to come down. See how deep the groove next to the frog is? It shows how deep that tiny foot is!. You could work on this a little every week with your rasp to avoid making him sore, but I'd really rather recommend getting a farrier/trimmer out to do the job. I can't train you how to trim online. But if he was super long, you still left some to work with so you probably still did him a favor.

NorthernMama 07-01-2008 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by tbenitez
so rasp his hooves every week until his heel is shorter?

If you don't know what to rasp, I highly advise trying to find a trimmer. Is there anyone around at all? It looks to me like there is quite a bit (relatively speaking, of course) that needs to come off still. But you can't just take it all off level. More heel needs to come off for sure but the toe -- I dunno. I'd have to find the true frog first 'cause personally I think there is a lot of extra there. And, how old is he?


Originally Posted by tbenitez
i am also trying to ween him off of sweet feed?!?!?!how? i am giving him steam crimped oats w/ alfalfa

I don't know if minis are different in feed requirements, but to change a diet, just do it gradually. Less sweet feed and more of whatever you want to put him on until you have him entirely on the new diet. Why the high-energy diet? Is he working hard? I wonder, BFH, if the ring could be from the sweet feed in this little guy. Again, we should know how old he is.

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