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Winter Solstice 01-02-2012 06:48 PM

Detailed search on my Half-Arabian mare

I acquired a Half-Arabian x American Saddlebred (National Show Horse) over the summer, and since then I have become interested in finding out as much as I can about her as possible. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the Arabian world and never had any real interest in Arabians before I found my mare. Is there anyone who would be willing to help?

Some of what I'm searching for is information on her half siblings, full siblings, bloodline information, previous owners, information on her breeder, further information on her sire, and I'm looking for information on her dam's side.

My mare is named Kisthis, she is a soon-to-be ten year old registered Half-Arabian that goes by the stable name of Krista. She is a solid frame bay overo with four white stockings, star, strip, lower lip and chin markings, and also a white strip under her belly. I'm not an expert, but I believe that she is approximately fifteen hands. She was foaled March 15, 2002.

I don't have her registration papers from her previous owner yet, but I do have a copy of them. Her sire is APLOZ+//. His registration number is AHR 0493881. Her sire is, of course, an Arabian. Now, her mother is an American Saddlebred and her name is Earring. Her registration number is ASHA 132179M. I know quite a bit about her Arabian side, but I know absolutely nothing about her mother. How old is she? Color? Height? Information? What are the bloodlines like on her mother's side? Are they pretty solid? Who owns Earring?

I know that Krista has a solid bloodline on the Arabian side. On her registration paper alone she is related, but not limited to: Aploz+//, AA Apollo Bey (AHR 0366596), Huckleberry Bey++ (AHR 0144007), Bay El Bey++ (AHR 0054146), Taffona (AHR 0035297), April Charm (AHR 0077222), *ETER (AHR 0046769), FERSANA (AHR 0033601), *BASK++ (AHR 0025460), NEGOTKA (AHR 0042087), *DAR (AHR 0042014),
DARSIE (AHR 0106297), and KASSIE (AHR 0009925).

I know it's not too helpful because it's not in actual order, but those are the names on her direct bloodline. I learned a little bit more by picking up the Arabian Legends book and learning about *Bask++, but I just want to learn as much as possible. I wouldn't mind hearing from people who have relatives of my mare, and other possible sources as to how I can learn more about this. Also, I don't have a subscription to Arabian Horse Association, but I plan to within the next month. At the moment I use my grandmother's computer until I get my laptop with my college loan money. Any and every bit of information would be helpful. (:

Oh, also the one who bred Krista is Sharon Vanier Sperte. I heard from Krista's previous owner that she is out of Washington, but I'm not sure how accurate that information is. I'm trying to learn how Krista was trained, if she had any show experience, any vices that they recognized there, if she had any accidents when she was younger, et cetera.

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