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franknbeans 01-04-2012 11:45 AM

Coronet cracks requiring front shoes?
OK all-would appreciate picking your brains, so to speak. A couple of weeks ago I posted about a local rescue that had to place some horses immediately. So, some friends and I decided to see what they have. The only one we may be interested in is 4, and all we know is that she has "coronet cracks", requiring shoes in the front, that should resolve. We will also talk to our farrier, obviously, but I was interested to know what you all know about this. I had one guy with cracks, all looked worse than they were, but stopped short of the coronet. I will post pics if we go look at her, but we are looking for something we can train and ride, not another paddock potato.

Thanks! Will be anxious to hear anything you all think!

loosie 01-04-2012 06:37 PM

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Without more info, can't even guess if/when the horse would be completely healed, but IME, assuming the right care, they can be healed unless they're really extreme & longstanding - when they get that way, it is the serious infection, inevitably a part of the problem, that has made it into the bone that seems to be the worst damage. I've seen cases where the hoof has buckled - sort of like an ingrown toenail - when the crack has been held together at the bottom with shoes too & that can get pretty serious. The horn can grow into the corium & be very painful and the pressure can erode the bone at that point too.

I would not shoe a horse with cracks, IME it's definitely contraindicative in this sort of problem, but I may brace serious cracks with a plate, until they've healed past the half way mark or so.

crimsonsky 01-04-2012 07:44 PM

i'd be interested in seeing pics and hearing people's thoughts on the matter.

good luck!

franknbeans 01-04-2012 08:07 PM

I will definitely let you know what we find out. I am headed north again this weekend, and we are hoping to go see this girl-she is very cute, and would be a good project, provided she has 4 feet under her, that is........:-)

Thanks Loosie-that gives us some ideas I think as to what we need to look for. Mt friend is more experienced than I, but between the 2 of us, I think we may be able to make a judgement call, and, this IS a rescue, so they will most likely be pretty honest also.

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