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EquineMeadows 01-04-2012 09:43 PM

No motivation?
Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else here has any issues dealing with motivation to go to the barn, and what you do about it?

This September/October was a really bad month for me. The owner of the horse who I had been full leasing for the last 2 years and riding for the last 3 1/2 came home and decided all of the sudden she wanted to be a part of his life. She had been away for the last 5 years and left him in a school program which is where I met him. I learned everything at that barn and the people there are like family. I did lessons there, full leased there, volunteered there, worked there, and pretty much lived there for so long. When she came home she decided she didn't want to be there and moved Sonny to another barn. I am still half leasing but the arena there is tiny and the footing is horrible, you can barely even come off the track. I hate the barn, all of the other boarders are way older than me (I'm 17, they're mostly around 30), and I miss my old barn so so much. This move killed me so much and honestly it took away my love to go to the barn.

So now I haven't ridden in a month. I'm still leasing but I have zero motivation to go ride. It's cold, this barn isn't somewhere I enjoy going, when I'm riding I get nothing done because of the arena etc. I do miss it, and I miss Sonny but every day when I try to convince myself to go, it just doesn't work. I know Sonny is falling so far behind in his training. His owner doesn't know much at all, she taught herself to ride. When she actually does ride, which isn't very often at all, she just plods around. Before we left our old barn he was doing so well, improving with every ride. I know he needs me, he's my boy and I still love seeing him but it's just so hard. Whenever I think about going out all I want to do is go to my old barn instead. It's killing me but I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?

waresbear 01-04-2012 09:50 PM

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Well it helps to do this, kinda holds you obligated to ride.....

EquineMeadows 01-04-2012 09:58 PM

Haha, that's a nice idea! Looks like you had fun anyway :)

Skyseternalangel 01-05-2012 06:42 PM

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Well.. wear your cutest clothes and your warmest ones and make the most out of it! You love this horse and he needs YOU. The owner wasn't there during all of those moments you both shared. Yeah it sucks being at a bleh barn and not having a say about it.. but make the most out of every situation! Maybe one day she'll notice how much you're there for him and offer him to you. It can happen! Just stick with it and make it really fun. Find some obstacles and make an obstacle course. Paint him in horse paint. Play the matching game with him. Just go out and spend time with him in the pasture or graze him.

You'll get through this! He won't be there forever :)

Saddlebag 01-06-2012 09:15 PM

Is your lease covering most of his expenses? If so, then if you stop leasing the horse the owner will be responsible for all his expenses. It's time to have a chat with the lady, let her know you are happy with the horse but not the barn situation and that you are considering leasing a horse at the old place. Ask if she'd consider moving him back. She might consider it so give it a shot.

EquineMeadows 01-13-2012 02:09 PM

Thanks so much everyone! I'm happy to say that I've ridden 3 times since this :) Yes, my lease does cover most of his expenses, I'm hoping soon she'll realize that he's more mine then hers anyway and he finally will be legally mine. I'll keep you updated.. so much happier now :)

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