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Eclipse295 01-07-2012 12:44 AM

The night your mare foals (funny)
While attempting to read as much as possible about foaling before my mare actually foals (about 4 months from now) I came across this:

Are you waiting for that equine bundle of joy to arrive? Here's a tongue-in-cheek account of one horse-person's foal night-watch:

10:00 pm Gather sleeping bag; alarm clock and three back copies of favorite Equestrian Magazine. Head for barn.

10:01 pm Return to house for bag of chips and a 32 oz Pepsi.

10:10 pm Back to barn. Flashlight goes out half way there. Figure you can make it by memory. Pat faithful ranch dog’s head as he pants and slobbers alongside.

10:11 pm Remember suddenly you have no ranch dog.

10:11 pm Run screaming to house. Change flashlight batteries. Change underwear. Return to barn.

10:15 pm Establish foal-watch headquarters in empty stall next to broodmare.

10:16 pm Enter broodmare’s stall for the 5,687th inspection of the reproductive parts.

10:16 pm Broodmare flattens ears for the 5,687th time.

10:17 pm Sigh audibly, leave stall and head for house. Dial veterinarian just to make sure he’s home.

10:18 pm Replace receiver on phone base rather than where suggested.

10:19 pm Return to barn and squirm into sleeping bag. Set alarm for one hour and shut off light.

10:20 pm Forty thousand sets of tiny feet become active as entire mouse population in the county begin wind sprints in your barn loft.

10:25 pm Sit up when something with not so tiny feet joins wind sprints in loft.

10:26 pm Flick on light – listen to absolute silence.

10:27 pm Flick off light.

10:28 pm Wind sprints resume. Big foot is winning.

11:18 pm Finally fall asleep.

11:19 pm Alarm goes off.

11:20 pm Peek through knothole at broodmare. Mare pins ears.

11:21 pm Reset alarm and flick out light.

11:23 pm Flick on light. Realize 32 oz Pepsi was a mistake. Head for house to “eliminate” problem.

11:26 pm Resist urge to phone veterinarian.

11:27 pm Trot back to barn. Left boot is sucked off in mudhole. Hobble three steps before getting stopped.

11:28 pm Return to house and change one sock.

11:29 pm Walk to barn.

11:30 pm One last check of broodmare though knothole. Ears pinned.

11:30 pm Set alarm for one hour. Turn out light.

11:40 pm Wake suddenly. Check knothole. Mare is lying down!

11:41 pm Enter broodmare stall carrying Ye Olde Foaling Manual, 3 pounds of clean rags, iodine and a tetanus shot. Mare breaks wind and gets up. Pins ears.

11:42 pm Return to sleeping bag. Flick out light.

11:52 pm Flick on light. Remove flake of hay that has accumulated in bottom of bag. Flick out light.

12:01 am Can’t hear clock. Flick on light. Clock is fine. Remove hay from ear. Flick out light.

12:29 am Fall asleep.

12:31 am Alarm goes off.

12:32 am Eyes feel like somebody put sand in them. Stagger to knothole. Extreme close-up of mare’s rear end. No change in reproductive parts. Can’t see ears. Assume pinned.

12:33 am Back into sleeping bag. Set alarm and flick out light. Left foot cramps. Shove foot against bottom of bag to relieve cramp.

12:38 am Cramp over. Relax foot.

12:39 am Left foot turns into a pretzel. Struggle out of bag and hobble around for 5 minutes.

12:44 am Cramp over. Return to bag. Right foot starts to quiver.

01:10 am Fall asleep.

01:39 am Alarm goes off. Sleep right through it.

6:30 am Wake up. Glance at clock. Attempt to leap from bag. Become part of huge polyester/fiberfill wad in hay. Crawl to knothole. Peer into broodmare stall. See TWO sets of pinned ears.
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Dreamcatcher Arabians 01-07-2012 12:53 AM

That is SOOOOOO TRUE! LOL! I have a camera in the foaling stalls but still. The first night I set up the air matress in the living room and check out the camera connection, I sort of fool around til about 4 a.m. but really, she's not due for 3 weeks and she's maiden. Not gonna foal tonight, besides absolutely no signs of impending foaling. REMEMBER she's MAIDEN.

Fall asleep, wake up about 8:30 a.m. and stagger out to the barn to check on the mares and feed. Guess who greeted me in the aisleway? Yup, MAIDEN mare delivers 3 weeks early........

Next time, camera craps out right around the mare's due date, so why buy another camera? 3 weeks later.....I'm still doing 1/2 hr checks, she's bagged, she's saggy and 2 weeks over due.....I check at 8:30 p.m. and got tied up with something in the house til 10 p.m. and go back out to check.........Guess who's in UNCLE LUCKY'S stall trying to nurse? Picture grumpy gelding huddled in a corner trying to cross his back legs.......ROFL!!!

Have built 2 NEW FOALING stalls for this year, so hopefully the little Houdini's won't find their way out of the mom's stalls as they have the last 2 years. Who knows though, maybe the mom's are kicking them out......

God, we HAVE to be NUTS to keep on doing this! ROFL!!

PintoTess 01-07-2012 12:57 AM

Thats great!!!

Golden Horse 01-07-2012 01:01 AM

This year was an absolute dream for the first two foaling, husband set up the camera, and had the monitor by the bed, I usually sleep like a log, but I was waking up, without an alarm every couple of hours, switch on the monitor, check all is well, go back to sleep. I highly recommend this approach:lol:

Eclipse295 01-07-2012 01:05 AM

^ cheater, it is supposed to be a sleepless week where you dont fall asleep until the moment your mare goes into labor. :-D
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Dreamcatcher Arabians 01-07-2012 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by Golden Horse (Post 1297424)
This year was an absolute dream for the first two foaling, husband set up the camera, and had the monitor by the bed, I usually sleep like a log, but I was waking up, without an alarm every couple of hours, switch on the monitor, check all is well, go back to sleep. I highly recommend this approach:lol:

I love my cameras and monitors. But you know what? The last 3 foals have been born in spite of the **** things! :lol:

First year, boarder mare shows all the signs, I call the owner to come do foal watch and see the foal being born. Mind you, this mare's due date was DEC 17, ARRRRRGH! We had some of the coldest weather of the year and a blizzard that whole week. Power goes out for about 15 mins, so no camera. Not a problem, mare was eating and looking totally disinterested in foaling. First thing we saw when the power came back up? The placenta. She dropped that foal standing up I swear, then kicked it into a corner so we wouldn't know she'd foaled. If it hadn't been for the placenta....We'd never have known til the morning.

Then MY maiden mare, then the camera quit and the 2nd mare went....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm half tempted to toss 'em into the foaling stalls this year and not watch them!

HAH! LIKE I COULD! I've got 2 new stalls and 2 new cameras and I'm hooking up Mare Stare real soon. :-P

Eclipse295 01-07-2012 01:18 AM

I want a foaling camera. Though this would probably be the only time I would use it for said purpose. I would probably spy on the horses and goats most of the time. Or spy on people. I know somebody who had one hooked to her 42" flatscreen. They used it to keep an eye on the baby goats and people in the barn.
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smrobs 01-07-2012 01:26 AM

:rofl: That's awesome!

Nuala 01-07-2012 01:39 AM

lmao that is to funny kinda like the dog We make a party of foaling all the rodeo girls go over to whatever ranch the mare is due at have a bbq and a little competition then camp out in the bunks with a monitor and every 20 minutes or so one of us is up checking on the mare. It gets pretty crazy!

I cant wait to get the mare I've been looking at and get her bred! She is out of Shiny Reality!

Golden Horse 01-07-2012 11:13 AM

Best way to get a foaling cam? Buy it for your husband for his Christmas present, and he was delighted. You see he had talked for a long time about having a set up where he could have a camera on various bits of agricultural machinery with a screen in the cab, so he could monitor the performance of things in the blind spots. When I saw the 'Cab Cam' that said in large letters on the box that it did just that, well I had to buy it. It had nothing to do with my needs:lol:

However, while we had cows we used it as a calving cam, when Raven was so poorly and would get stuck if she lay down I could watch her from the house and go and help her if she was in trouble, and of course the luxury of laying in bed monitoring the mares is awesome.

Interestingly he has never actually fitted the cams to his tractor, the most I have seen him use it is when he switches it on in the mornings to watch the foals playing:lol:

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