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spottyspides 01-07-2012 05:47 PM

Horse Fitness
I entered to compete in a one day event that runs in 2 weeks time, but due to unforeseen circumstances I may be unable to ride my horse much this week and she has already had nearly 3 off.
Before her rest she was pretty fit, out and competing and in light work for the 6 months I'd had her. She's a 10 year old, 15hh Appaloosa Crossbred mare. She runs in a large paddock, gets and stays fit really well, and I have no doubt she would do it for me, but is it fair to expect that of her? I never was riding to win, more as experience as both of us have done **** all cross country, but is this a bit too far?

I should be able to ride her a few times this week, then have the whole lead up week with her with plenty of good hills and a great cross country course I can go for a ride on (if it stops raining).

I don't know, what would you do? Should I go and just take it really easy? Mind you, that's far easier said than done on my mare, she loves jumping. Or should I just scratch?
Oh and I should add there is no dressage phase either. And it's very low level, 50-60cm jumps when we compete above 80cm when show jumping.

Thanks in advance for any answers by the way, and yes I'm a newwwbie!

Chrissie 01-07-2012 06:10 PM

If you've paid the money it's probably worth going, ive done a similar thing before. It really isn't ideal, but if you take it steady round the cross country it should be ok-or at least dont push the horse faster than it wants to go itself, it'll know if its tired, and it can be pretty hard to tell a forwards horse to slow down when its enjoying a good cross country course :P
make sure you don't overdo the warmup either, one cross one upright one spread for sj, and a couple for him to get that youre doing xc before cross country. also- plenty of walk when you've finished and untacked, his muscles won't be used to so much work and will need plenty of time to 'cool off'

spottyspides 01-07-2012 06:16 PM

Thanks for such a helpful and understanding reply! I'll be taking on all of that advice :)

Kayty 01-07-2012 06:31 PM

Are you able to lunge her a few times, or get someone else to lunge her?
Still go, but take it very easy and don't expect to go out and win it. It is so easy to damage a horse's tendons when they have been out of work, I wouldn't think it worth the risk to try and do a fast round.

spottyspides 01-07-2012 06:55 PM

No, the problem isn't me, but family. And getting someone else to work her probably won't be possible, I will let my friend know that she is welcome to work her with their horses if possible but I doubt this will happen.
Certainly not expecting to even be in the top half! Wasn't before this, and I don't really mind. More going to camp the night and enjoy the day with a friend and the mares, but I don't want to hurt mine in the process.

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