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mossyrainbows 01-08-2012 08:40 PM

best draft saddles?
Hi there, I have a 17.2 hd percheron gelding coming the end of the month and a 16.2 mare my hubby just got. We have been looking everywhere online for decent draft horse saddles, preferably western, endurance or treeless,,,not interested in english. Can anyone give me input on their saddles and cost is a factor..thank you:-P

Left Hand Percherons 01-08-2012 08:51 PM

I have a FQH Wade that fits all but my most mutton withered mares. Unfortunately not willing to entertain an English or Dressage saddle severely limits what you can get right off the shelf and have decent quality. I've never come across a "draft" saddle that wasn't of a lesser quality. Another option is an Arab saddle. Some Percherons have decent withers and don't really need anything special other than a 40" cinch.

mossyrainbows 01-08-2012 09:08 PM

I have a nice Tucker Trooper saddle that i used for years on my walking horses, but it didnt fit my hubbys mare at all. The gullet is very narrow and pushed the saddle up high, making the back pop up. So the search continues, not familiar with the saddle you mentioned...So you dont worry about gullet size when trying an arab saddle on a draft? remembering back to my arab days, thinking this is a saddle for a short back horse and not seeing how that would work on a draft without looking like a jockeys saddle...:lol:

Left Hand Percherons 01-08-2012 09:25 PM

An arab tree is wider than a FQH (full quarter horse).

mossyrainbows 01-09-2012 06:31 PM

Oh, I did not know that,,,hmmm will check into arab saddles as well then...thanks!

Country Woman 01-11-2012 01:08 PM

Welcome Mossy rainbow
nice to meet you

mossyrainbows 01-11-2012 06:57 PM

Thank you for welcoming me, been finding much useful info here! :)
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danastark 01-13-2012 10:47 PM

Welcome! I'll have to look and see what brand my western saddle is. We just lucked into it when we bought a bunch of saddles at a tack auction and happened to get one that was ginormous! He requires an XW English saddle and a 66" girth. I'll check, it's very comfortable.

loveduffy 01-13-2012 11:07 PM

I was told that draft horse are always changing shape so get a saddle that fits it may be a draft horse and it may not be draft horse village is a good place to find information about this

mossyrainbows 01-14-2012 10:43 PM

One down, one to go
We picked up a smuckers amish western saddle for my hubby this weekend, and am still on the search for my saddle. Am checking into all the suggestions above, thanks everyone!

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