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mossyrainbows 01-08-2012 09:45 PM

Draft Nutrional needs
Hi there, we are somewhat new to percherons and the mare we just got for my husbands seems to sweat an awful lot just standing around in the pasture. The pasture itself is crap so she has unlimited grass hay and we give her alfalfa cubes. I am wondering if the alfalfa is too hot for her. Suggestions? Feed?

BigGreyHorse 01-08-2012 11:59 PM

Where are you located and how thick is her winter coat? My Percherons look like yaks during the winter and sweat anytime the temp gets near 60 (like yesterday). Great resource for draft nutrition is Dr. Beth Valentine's book Unless you are feeding huge amounts of the cubes, I would be surprised if that was the problem.

Country Woman 01-09-2012 03:17 PM

Hi Mossyrainbows
welcome to the forum
nice to meet you

mossyrainbows 01-09-2012 07:38 PM

Hi there Country Woman, and thank you so much..and Big Grey Horse, thank you so much for the book info, I will definitely look that one up and order it. We are in Florida, southeast of Tampa with temperate weather (except for summer which is pretty brutal). She was just a couple of hours north, but they do get cooler in the winter. Her coat isnt too thick either.

BigGreyHorse 01-09-2012 08:01 PM

I'm in N. Alabama. Like I said our boys have really thick coats and sometimes sweat to the point that they feel wet and their hair starts to wave. You can go online to the Rural Heritage virtual vet and ask Dr. Valentine questions directly. Another great diet resource is a nutritionist--Dr. Getty. You can ask questions on her forum.

danastark 01-13-2012 11:44 PM

My gelding does really well on just grass hay with a vitamin supplement, no alfalfa. We're in southern California so it only gets down to the mid-20's in our area, no snow. I don't think I've ever seen him sweat except in the summer when it's over 80. You might have her thyroid and hormones checked. Some horses with Cushings and other hormonal disorders will sweat and have excessive hair growth.

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