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DraftyAiresMum 01-09-2012 03:30 PM

Stowaway deluxe pommel bags
Okay, so I was at one of the local tack shops with my friend and she noticed that they had Stowaway saddle bags, which is what I wanted (just didn't want to splurge on them right now). So, after talking back and forth with her, I decided to get them since they were cheaper at the tack shop than they would have been shipped off the internet.
They look just like these, except they're black instead of red (I wanted red, really, but black, navy and hunter were the only colors the tack shop had):

I love love LOVE that they're lightweight, yet sturdy (feel like they're made out of parachute-type rip-stop nylon), and they're felted on the bottom so they'll be comfortable for Aires.

Now, my problem is attaching them to my saddle. I have an older, no-name Aussie saddle that only has rings for attaching a breast collar at the front. It's also rigged western, so there's no overgirth. I tried to find a pic of the saddle bags not attached to saddle, but couldn't find them anywhere. There are two sets of straps on them. The first set is pretty standard and are just feed-through adjustable straps that hook perfectly to the breast collar rings. The second set of straps are elastic and I can't for the life of me figure out where to attach them. Do they stretch under the flap to my rigging? Can anyone help me?

I can try to get pics tomorrow, if it'll help, but here's a pic of my saddle on Aires (ignore the way it's sitting and the ginormous was thrown on there quickly just to take some pics, so I didn't bother with it sitting perfectly):

ArabLoverCDL 09-29-2013 02:17 PM

I use a small tie and attach the back loop on the bag to the saddle ring where the cinch goes. Then I use a tiny caribiner to attach the loop near the front of the bag to the ring on my breast collar. I use the biner since I unclip my breast collar each time I ride. It's quick and easy.

Sharpie 09-29-2013 02:27 PM

I have the same one, also black. I attached small scissor snaps to the loop made by the velcro attachments and use that to attach to my breastcollar loops. That's it. Usually the velcro holds fine, though it did come loose on me once during my first and so far only endurance ride. Thinking of sewing it closed since I only use the snaps I put on anyway. The two larger loops that also attach on the packs in the same location as the velcroes are perfect for cinching down a rolled up sweater or jacket. The longer ones on the sides of the pack that zig-zag back and forth I use to cinch down and compact whatever it is I have in those pockets by the water bottles. Not sure if I am doing it 'right' but it works well and both my horse and I are happy.

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