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adl2kdl2 01-11-2012 05:44 PM

Beet pulp and Enrich 32 making horse hyper?
Hey All, I'm at a loss here, have been feeding my 13 year old mare Strategy and since the late fall have started adding beet pulp because of lack of pasture plus good hay. I just got her in May. She has started getting more jumpy since the addition of bp she had been nervous even on the Strategy. I have decided to take her off the Strategy and go grainless and see if that helps with her nervousness so I have put her on Enrich 32 (which I thought was grainless but is not) and beet pulp and she's gotten more wicked. Bucking on the the lunge and more spooky. can I pull her off the bp cold turkey and change to maybe something like timothy pellets to mix with her Enrich? I have ordered Smartvite-no grains! to use in place of the Enrich but I need something to mix the vites with. Any help would be so appreciated! Thanks so much!

walkinthewalk 01-11-2012 06:10 PM

One thing I love about Purina (not) is if there's an ingredient's list they have it well hidden, so you don't really know what all goes into their feed.Along with trying their WellSolve L/S on my senior metabolic horse I had also tried the Enrich 32.

I got the same lousy results with both of them, so I suspect the Enrich 32 was really high in iron, just like the WellSolve L/S was. Beet pulp should not hype up a horse. My guess is there's something in the Enrich 32.

Just an FYI that, along with some horses having oat and corn intolerance, they can also have soy intolerance. I have yet another horse who is like that.

Soy is the protein source in 99% of vit/min supplements and in all of bagged horse feed. There are some vit/min supplements that are soy-free. EquiPride is one, Target IR for insulin resistant horses is one and I know there's at least one more but I can't remember the name.

I feed everyone rice bran and the vit/min supplement EquiPride because EquiPride is soy-free and also has a pre-probiotic in it.

Many folks make the cross sign at the rice bran for metabolic horses because the NSC value is 22%. What they aren't taking into consideration is that rice bran is healthy fat, provides the horse cool energy, doesn't need soaked, and takes very little to keep weight on the horse.

I feed my three Walking Horses 1/2 cup daily and that includes the two with metabolic issues. My little Arab is getting to be a really hard keeper in his old age, so he gets 2 cups daily.

When feeding rice bran or beet pulp, the horse has to have a vit/min supplement.

You could always try just a high quality ration balancer and ditch everything else to see what happens. Ration balancers are forage-based and have vit/mins added.

Bless you for seeing that something in the feed is amping your horse up. Sometimes the food intolerance is so subtle that we attribute the bad behavior to just being plain disrespectful. I did that for years with my food intolerant horse because he really is a disrespectful snotface but not near as bad since I realized he has food intolerances.

Hope this helps:)

hobbyhorse 01-11-2012 06:53 PM

How much P-32 are you feeding your horse?
Walkin-Purina Enrich 32 is a ration balancer feeding too much of it can hype up a horse. I feed all my horses P-32. I feed 1 pound daily to my 9 and 16 year olds. My yearlings get two pounds because they are still growing. I have had no nervous or hyper horses. I feed timonty and alfalfa mix cubes and or pellets because the lack of quality pasture and hay. I give them a total of 20lbs each of forage daily.

adl2kdl2 01-11-2012 06:54 PM

Walkinthewalk thanks for your reply. The reason I put her on the Enrich 32 is because it was a ration balancer and I thought rb's were grainless til I read the tag but I thought atleast no corn! But after much research as you commented soy can play a big part in behavior so that;s why I'm swithching to Smartpaks Smart vite maintenance grass-no soy, wheat or corn-does have alfalfa though. But I wanted something to feed her with it that was forage based and Lots of research says as you did that bp is not supposed to make them hot but she was acting this way before the Enrich and has gotten worse with the Enrich that was why I thought I should eliminate the bp too but didn't know if I could just stop it cold or do I have to do it over a week or so as though I was changing feed? And I thought rice bran can make a horse hot? so much to learn!

adl2kdl2 01-11-2012 07:05 PM

hobbyhorse thanks for your reply! I'm feeding her 3/4 pound morning and night with 3 cups dry bp-soaked so it weighs at about 4 lbs total plus 3 nice pads of hay at night, 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and she's turned out all day. the littlest sound now makes her spook.

walkinthewalk 01-11-2012 08:05 PM

My apologies in that Enrich 32 IS a ration balancer:-)

adl2kdl2, since everything seems to be affecting her, I wonder if this is her way of reacting to ulcers??

My Arab has mild ulcer issues. With him, when they flare up, his tummy hurts right after he eats his supplements and rice bran. He doesn't get grain and the EquiPride is soy free. When his ulcers flare up, he will not go to his hay right away but will sort of stretch out instead.

Maybe the nervousness in your mare is how she reacts to ulcers.

Without putting her through a scoping event, you could get some Omeprazole and give it to her. We did that with my Arab; the vet said if it was ulcers, he would be better in 24 hours. He was better in just a few hours.

Omeprazole won't hurt her and if she stops being nervous after eating, you would know she's dealing with some sort of "acid indigestion".

The next step might be to have the vet do some blood work on her.

Other than those things, I'm at a bit of a loss:?

adl2kdl2 01-11-2012 08:41 PM

walkinthewalk again thanks, I do appreciate your help. I went the way of Rantidine (sp) for ulcers for two weeks because she became really girthy but found out that was due to saddle fit but no changes in behavior. Gave her tums for two weeks also-no change-scoping is out of my wallet range right now. She goes right to her hay after eating never has an appetite problem. I have noticed she seems less gassy since coming off the Strategy. Maybe I should put her just on hay for a bit and see how she does-besides not being happy with me. I'm still unsure if I can take her off beet pulp cold turkey or do I have to wean her off of it?

Left Hand Percherons 01-11-2012 09:53 PM

I wouldn't worry about dropping the BP cold turkey.(was it molasses free?).

Your best bet to go back to square one. Remove everything but the hay. Give her a week. Does she settle down? Add feed, one item at a time. I would offer her individual ingredients to narrow it down faster.

adl2kdl2 01-11-2012 10:10 PM

Left Hand Percherons, yes it is molasses free and I'm gonna do just what you said and see how it goes. Boy is she gonna hate me at feed time, she's an impatient pawwer. Thanks for your help.

hobbyhorse 01-11-2012 10:30 PM

You can stop the beet pulp w/o weaning them off. I feed it off and on ...again no problems. I say this because it used like a forage and not a grain feed. Up her hay a little to replace the missing bp.

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