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Eclipse295 01-12-2012 04:50 PM

Conformation and Movement Critique, What to do with her?
Okay this is my almost 14 y.o Appaloosa Mare. What do you think she would be best at? Hunter, Dressage, Jumping, Western pleasure, etc, etc? At the moment she has very little specific training but has the basics. Which we are currently reinforcing.


Video(I got bored watching it, so I added a song and different colors, if you need the original let me know, Also she is 7 months pregnant in the video so please don't tell me she is overweight) Sorry about the horrible videography(is that a word?):

What do you think?

CurlyIsASpecialStandie 01-12-2012 06:37 PM

I think she is very cute! (which is probably the only helpful thing i could say)
Someone correct me if im wrong please!
Is she moving stiffly in her back legs in the video?
I'd say do what she shows an interest in doing. :)

justjump 01-12-2012 06:46 PM

How tall is she? That would help in someone's opinion, also a little more background info would be great too! :)
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Spyder 01-12-2012 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by justjump (Post 1305710)
How tall is she?

Looking at here profile sheet, it says 15 hh.

This horse travels very ponyish and also more in a "western" manner.

I would go with the western pleasure type classes.

Eclipse295 01-12-2012 07:15 PM

ah. she is 15-15.1 hands. And was adopted. so background is not really known.
All we know is that she was adopted, came back to the rescue in march. Then we adopted her in May, I showed her in Equestrian team and 4-H in 2011, mainly Western with a little bit of hunt seat for Equestrian team. She didn't mind ether.
Currently rides in a snaffle. I have ridden mainly western.

But more I wonder is if she moves like a hunter she probably won't make a competitive dressage horse. But if she moves like a dressage horse then she probably won't make a competitive hunter. OR if she moves like a western pleasure horse she will very likely not make a competitive dressage horse. (This is all an "I Think" moment. I have no clue about that.)

She might be moving stiffly. She put her back leg through a fence around a week ago, the vet has seen her, and said she is fine, just a scrape and a little bit of swelling.

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