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JustinaMarie 01-15-2012 11:59 AM

Anyone Ever Train Mini Donkeys?
I was just curious if anyone ever trained donkeys to drive on here? I thought about training mine to drive. Id be learning as well. Hes so stubborn though. Does it take them longer then a regular Mini to learn? tell me yor experinces Id like to hear :]

Saskatchewan 01-15-2012 02:28 PM

driving donkeys
Hi. I have a team of miniature donkeys that I broke to drive. I have never driven horses before but grew up around teams so I had a general idea. I did take a weekend course learning about harness and the basics of driving. I also was able to take my team and new harness to the instructor afterwards just to make sure everything fit right. It was a learning experience no doubt. I started by ground driving individually and then by pulling a small sled on the grass. It was light enough but if they got too excited I could just jump on the sled and add a bit of weight and they would settle down. That also allowed me to keep up with them if they got going quicker. Actually I found them very sensible. The female more than the male. They caught on very quickly to GEE, HAW, STEP AHEAD, EASY, whoa took a little longer especially for the male. If I had two males like the one I do have I would have had more of a handful. I also think they are happier together so as long as they are side by side they seem more content.

I used a regular miniature harness and collars that I purchased from a woman who had used them for miniatures. The sled I built myself. Basically just two board runners with a top so that I could sit down or kneel on it. It was just a learning tool. Didn't want anything elaborate.

There is a picture of the team and wagon under the forum "pony carts"
That was their first parade and their first time off the farm! They did great, it was tons of fun. A great way for me to be introduced to breaking a team to drive.

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