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RoosHuman 01-17-2012 09:54 PM

White nasal discharge?
This morning, I had quite the shock! I walked in the barn to do a.m. feeding, and immediately noticed that my mare's nostrils were filled with creamy white discharge. It was completely out of the blue. I quickly took note of her general condition, and she seemed normal, perkily awaiting her breakfast! I wiped her down with a washcloth, and also noticed that a little bit of discharge was on the ground next to her stall, like she had shaken it out throughout the night. I added a dose of AniHist to her grain, which she readily ate. When I turned her out, she cantered and bucked her way to the other horses, and appeared to be feeling well (she is turning 20 this year, and a buck means she is feeling extra spunky).

I would love some advice, has anything like this happened to anyone's horses? Just out of the blue, turning up with creamy discharge from their nostrils? Does anyone know if this could have serious implications? I am more than willing to call our vet if need be, but for now she seems to be feeling very much like her normal self.

The ONE thing that changed last night, before the discharge occurred, was the addition of a peppermint scented stall powder. Could the discharge have been a reaction to it? We have used it with our minis and quarab, and they seem fine. I stripped and rebedded her stall for tonight, just in case. That is the only thing I know of that has changed.

Thanks in advance! I am a worried horse mom. :)

waresbear 01-17-2012 09:56 PM

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Yes, sounds like the horse's muscus membranes are fighting off something it doesn't like. I would phone your vet for a professional opinion however.

cakemom 01-17-2012 09:59 PM

Have you been having the crazy weather we are? The on again cold hot wet dry is killing my guys. We have a mare with snots, she's on anihist right now. Also, the peppermint smell would set her to running, so that's possible too. I'd let the vet know and check a temp on her.
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RoosHuman 01-17-2012 10:11 PM

We are definitely having some crazy weather... just a few days ago, it was in the 20s, and the past few days we have had temps in the 50s! She came in tonight with no discharge, and acted/ate like normal. If she has the boogies again in the morning I will call and ask the vet what he thinks. I am sincerely hoping it was just a one time thing due to the stall powder...

Thanks ladies!

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