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RhondaLynn 01-18-2012 10:23 AM

Teaching a canter/lope in a TWH.
We bought a 3 year old TWH mare this past fall. She is a great trail horse.. she was Amish trained and only needed/needs to learn how to neck rein better. we are still working on it. She walks, does a gaited slow walk, and a running walk that are all very smooth.

BUT, she does not canter... I have never had a horse as young as her and have never had one that didn't naturally go into a lope/canter at some point. I know she can, I see her in the pasture doing a faster canter/lope, but don't know how to ask her for it while riding.



bellagris 01-18-2012 10:57 AM

I am currently training the canter into my 4yr old TWH, when we started out we did it outside as up a small hill was a great way to get them to understand the cue and pick it up. In and arena, we had a horse in front of her that started to canter so you could cue at the same time and it really helped.

If you don't have those options to start with sometimes you just have to run them into it because they want to dead on pace. Definitely utilize circles as it is hard to pace in a circle so they'll be more liable to pick up the canter.

As soon as your pare picks it up, release and reward her immediately, they learn really fast that is what you want.

Have you worked with her on the lunge at all for a canter? That can help too.

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