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Mellow Mel 01-18-2012 01:56 PM

need advice on hoof issue
I have only had my horse for a month. When I had the vet check he had thrush in all four feet. Not suprising as the entire fall and month of December in Michigan was a mudfest. The vet did not seem very concerned and just told me to treat it daily and keep his feet clean. I definetely did that. He has deep, I guess best described as, cuts in each of his in each hoof and they are very deep. The farrier I had out told me that they will heal up but will take until summer.

I switched to the barn farrier where I board him as he happened to my horse's prior farrier and he came out yesterday to do the barn's horses. I wanted my horse on the same rotation so he did my horses as well. He told me that because my horse had been sored and sored so low those cuts are always going to be an issue and will always attract thrush.

The barn owner suggested soaking his feet a few times a week in epsom salt...anyone ever do this or anyone have any other suggestions? The thrush is now out of his feet.

Corporal 01-18-2012 02:07 PM

I've heard of epsom salts helping...sorry, never had THIS problem. I have had white line issues with, as you, mud. I've decided that the BEST solution is to keep my horse's hooves as dry as possible. If you consider, we get chapped hands when our skin is exposed to a lot of water, so, too with our horse's feet. Somehow the dryest hooves are also the healthiest.
I would suggest using Equine Fresh (brand name--there are others) pine pellets as the stall's base. I put 1 bag in the stalls where my mare and 1,100 lb QH lives and 2 bags for my 1,250lb (16'3hh) KMH gelding's stall is per week. My horses are turned out in the winter as often as possible. (if they are stall bound, double this. I look for where they urinate--they are habitual where they urinate and defecate--and pour the bags there, then cover with pine shavings. IMHO this is the BEST way to keep your horse's hooves both clean and dry. Of course I remove the poo, too. I would also ask if there is ANY cover that your farrier can put on a shoe to protect these cuts.
If I were YOU, I'd want to strangle the person who sored your horse!!! **Corporal's REALLY MAD FACE!!!**

jbolt 01-18-2012 02:21 PM

sored as in intentional cuts to his soles?!?! what is the purpose?

kait18 01-18-2012 02:32 PM

i used epson salts for thrush with my guy. it makes there hooves very sensitive. so take your time with his feet. my guy loved when it was soaking but hated after when i took his foot out... it was very tender and he would have shakes in his leg when he put pressure on his hoof... so really take your time after the soaking but it does work 3 soakings a week cured the thrush in my guy. goodluck

Mellow Mel 01-18-2012 02:44 PM

soring is what some people do to gaited show horses to make them step their feet higher. It is a barbarian practice...they burn their feet. My horse was sored and the cuts are caused from that and the thrush.

kait18...the thrush is gone...just trying to heal with cracks...will the soaking make his feet too tender???

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