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spiceupmylife 01-18-2012 03:38 PM

Pricing a lease
I'm currently half leasing a horse at a facility near school. 10 yo OTTB, very green. He is fairly out of shape due to a lot of time off during our school breaks, including summer (neither the owner nor I live nearby). He can be very sweet but his training is progressing pretty slowing and you get a rodeo trying to canter (possible due a bit of lameness, but nothing visible aside from some stiffness), hence mostly trot work as long as we're indoors this winter. I also tend to miss some days due to homework, exams, or breaks.

Since this is basically my only riding option during the school year, I would like to continue leasing. At any other barn, where you'd have other options, I would not keep it up. Lessoning with a trainer is not currently an option.

Given the situation, how much would you pay for this half lease while still being fair? The owner is willing to negotiate.
(I am aware of the general practices and forms of leasing, but this is a bit different.)

Skyseternalangel 01-18-2012 05:37 PM

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Well is the owner willing to train this greenie? If you are riding a lame horse... that's not a good thing :/ Is the owner willing to have a vet out to the horse to see if something is wrong and/or something can be done to help fix the issue?

Have you looked at other horses to lease ? This can't be the only option.

I have a greenie but the difference is I take lessons with him and I exercise him and train him. I wouldn't lease him if he turned up lame.. I wouldn't RIDE him if he was lame.. I'd want my horse sound. Also it's good to ride greenies if you have the experience or the knack, but it's like you're paying to train her horse.. and from the sound of it she is a sweetie but there is some kind of issue going on.

I wouldn't price this lease very high.. especially if there are going to be a lot of vet bills in the future that, if you DO take up a half lease, you'd be paying half for.

I just.. I wouldn't really recommend half leasing. Maybe partial lease but half lease on a horse with issues.. you'll end up spending sooo much money just paying for bills and maybe not even being able to ride if she does get put on stall rest or whatnot.

Does that make sense? I'm a little tired..

spiceupmylife 01-18-2012 08:02 PM

I should've been more clear about the 'lameness.' It's rather a stiffness that he'll work out of as you ride, probably from his racing past. He also hates cantering indoor, which may be a major factor in the misbehavior. He was doing better outdoors, when weather permitted, and free lunging. So all in all, the horse is definitely not lame in the 'can't be ridden' sense.

I don't mind working on his training, since there is a more experienced student who is willing to come and help out from time to time.
From what I know, the owner is not up to really training him on her own and doesn't seem to plan on having him vetted (since it was never an issue until we were cantering indoors). I'm basically the only English rider at the barn, everyone else does Western with their horses. So pretty much, this is my only option since this horse has had English training sometime in his past (which he seems to have managed to forget by now lol). There is no other place for miles (I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere with people keeping horses in their backyards, Western country).

My half lease (or partial lease, call it what you want) is a flat fee for 3 days per week. I do not pay for vet bills or any other expenses, unless of course I caused something.

Can anybody give me an estimate? Board is approximately $375 I believe.

Skyseternalangel 01-18-2012 08:16 PM

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Alright well that makes more sense.

Well there are different leases that why I thought when you said half lease, you pay for half of the horse's expenses, half board half vet half farrier, etc. But yeah partial sounds right for what you're gonna get.

I charged $200 for 3 days a week when I put my horse up for lease. Which would be more than half of the board cost for your situation. But if you take $375, divide by 30 days.. that's $12.50 a day. My horse's board was much more than that so my lessee paid less than half of my horse's board.

Whatever you're willing to pay for 3 days a week. It should be reasonable.. which to me wouldn't be more than half of the cost of board.

I wish other people would contribute...

franknbeans 01-18-2012 08:22 PM

I guess I would say about $200/mo. provided the owner is paying for the board, farrier, vet, worming, shots, etc, as well as supplements(hint hint) which may help this guy......figuring you get half the days, with the horse getting one off per week.
I certainly would not pay more than that given the work you are putting into it.

spiceupmylife 01-21-2012 07:35 PM


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