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pep 01-21-2012 10:07 PM

Bad fall, let's hear yours
The other day in my lesson me and my horse had a pretty bad fall, we were doing a 1.10m course so nothing super big and we went over a 3'6 oxer and we had gone over the course at that height once before with one refusal at a dofferent jump because of a bad turn but he didn't clip the rail Or get a bad distance, it was perfect except when he landed he tripped and because of how fast we were going it pulled me forward too and he ended on falling on my leg, luckily he was fine though, just covered in sand, I just had a sore back and a sore leg and I didn't notice till my coach pointed it out but a scrape on my elbow, it was funny though cuz I started laughing cuz I had sand in my nose,mouth,hair and everything (yay for helmets or else I would've had a ton of sand in my hair) but after getting the sand out of my mouth I got back on just to make sure my horse was fine,(no I did not do the course again as we didn't want him to be sore) he was such a good boy though, he just stood a few feet away from me and waited for somebody to get him, but Yeah I'm a bit surprised because I wasnt even shaken up and I didn't cry :O lol

Anyways I figure we can make this one of those things where everybody shares there falls? Weather it's a funny fall or a bad fall share yours? Thanks :)

Skyseternalangel 01-21-2012 10:19 PM

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I was riding this mare, she was my horse's pasture buddy at the time. She's green, known for bucking, sassy, but she's very attentive and willing. So I was schooling her for her owner. Walk and trot in figures, mainly serpentines and whatnot. Anyway We come down center-line and she starts bucking. I'm not prepared when she slams on the brakes and I pop off and land square on the top of my head. It hurt to look up or down.. I couldn't ride a horse for 2 months and even then it was only walk.

Turns out I had sprained my ankle, bruised my arms, and sprained my neck. It sucked..

Roperchick 01-21-2012 10:23 PM

not any bad buck offs but i was riding this young colt for my trainer on a trail ride. it was his first one and he was tripping all over the place... we were riding down a little ledge into the wash so i could work him there (only about 9 or ten feet to the bottom) and it gave out under his hooves and he went ass over teakettle into the wash he ended up on his side and my arm and leg were pinned underneath him... i dug myself out and only had a couple scrapes on my arm. the horse was fine too. he just got up. shook off and i got back on and we finished the ride fine. lucky for me it was summer so the sand in the wash was nice and deep and soft from all the rain.

faye 01-21-2012 10:27 PM

Actualy compared to some of the falls i've had, yours sounds fairly tame.

I've had a horse bolt, attempt to jump out of the school, hit the top bar of the fence, summersault and come down on top of me. I wa sout cold for 20 mins, I was taken to hospital with a suspected broken neck, I crushed 2 discs in my lower spine and got a beautiful case of gravel rash that had to be scrubbed out, subsiquently got infected and finaly ended up having to have maggot therapy on it. the crushed discs in my spine have caused a sciatica in my right leg and a weakness in that leg.
This horse was an RDa horse that I was schooling

My current pony has bolted several times and normaly with an epic explosion first, i've been taken to hospital by ambulance twice in 2011/12, once with suspected broken neck, once with suspected fracture to lumbar spine. i've walked into A&E several times, i currently require the services of the physio for a knee injury, for whip lash injury and more recently for my elbow. I fractured a small bone in my wrist 3 weeks ago falling off him after he spooked, exploded and went out fromunder me.

Showjumper1 01-21-2012 10:37 PM

One time I was riding a 14 something hand pony in a dressage saddle in an arena with railroad ties and wooden stumps as an arena boarder. As we were cantering around, the pony tripped, I fell off full force and landed on a stump crunching my hand which was covering/in front of my chest. I sat there crying because my chest hurt bad and I was scared because I thought maybe I had punctured a lung. I just sat there waiting to see if blood was going to start coming out of my mouth. My lungs were fine, but they felt bruised for days. My hand was injured though. I couldnt move it or my fingers at all without excruciating pain. It swelled up and turned black and blue. The doctor said I didnt break anything, but I probably sprained or pulled a tendon/ligament in my hand. I had it in a sling for probably a month or more. Even now, about 6+ years later, that hand gets tired easier than the other.
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pep 01-21-2012 10:37 PM

Faye- oh my those are some crazy falls :O

COWCHICK77 01-21-2012 10:53 PM

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This is my latest and greatest, I just posted this story in a thread on here..Catching Wild Cattle...I will do the Readers Digest version...

Broodmares blew through a bunch of dry cows we were trying to lot so we could put a sort on them...cows went to peel out...I run to the head, got the ears laid sticks front feet through a loop of cable buried in the ground and hidden by sagebrush...I got lawn darted on my face...rung my bell pretty good...spittin out teeth, one of them came out through my lip...could eat nothing but mashed taters for a few days(couldn't open or close mouth well..made talking difficult..made husband happy) road rash on face...weeks before I could get the time to go to town to get my teeth replaced/repaired...looked like an old tweeker...good times.
The end
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crimson88 01-21-2012 10:58 PM

My "worst" fall was more funny than anything but could've been bad if my horse wasn't looking out for me.

It was about 10 pm and it was after a horse show and we were playing games in the arena. Frank is pretty tolerant of things for the most part, but he does get a burr up his butt sometimes, lol.

We were doing a ribbion race, where teams of two riders have a 5ft long strand of caution tape. Both riders have to hold an end of the ribbion, run down to the end of the arena and turn around a cone and run home, fastest team wins.

We did it one time and Frank was fine with it, just really slow, lol. So I was assing off and tried to get him to go faster our second run. The girl on my team was going a lot faster than me and I was leaning pretty far forward and I must have done something subconciously that mad Frank mad because he bucked. It wasn't a big buck but since I was leaning so far forward it just kind of sent me forward. My left foot was still in the stirrup and I held on to the horn with my right hand, I was clinging onto the side of the saddle for dear life! Lol! I kept trying to grab my rein with my left hand to stop him. Well he kept running around the arena and getting faster lol, I just remember looking down at the ground and thinking, "crap, i'm a goner" as I felt myself slide more and more to the side with each stride.

Finally I grabbed my rein an tried to slow him down but instead it made him turn and then i lost my grip and fell right in front of him. He was going pretty fast and my friend said I rolled a good 6ft or more, lol. Luckily he jumped over instead of stepping on me. I was fine, just had some cuts on my back.

Roperchick 01-21-2012 11:04 PM

another time me and my friend were riding next to a little wash. a rattler slid next to her horse, he freaked and went straight up and landed wedged upside down in the wash. my friend was stuck beneath him with about an inch in between her and the horse. luckily the ground was hard enough that it didnt break and have him go the rest of the way down and crush her. i ended up having to rope his back legs and turn him on his side up onto the side of the wash...thankfully hes a ranch horse and he behaved amazingly well. she had a slight concussion and the horse came up lame for a few weeks, got the chiropractor out to him and he got better.

SocietyJoe 01-21-2012 11:51 PM

I had only had Joe for a few months, and I thought it would be a fun idea to enter him in the local ODE.

Dressage was a disaster, and he pigrooted and bucked but I survived, after some tears, and my coach giving me a pep talk, I proceeded to XC.

There was a game of polocross going on in the next field and Joe being an OTTB, thought GALLOP. We had pasted the first two jumps but were traveling way to fast to for the next, I tried to slow down and he bolted, I was a terrified 14 year old girl and I had no experience in dealing with his, he turned sharlpy and I got flung.

The ambulance came, and I went to hospital with a suspected broken arm, back damage and a concussion. Mum said while I was on green gas that I was getting angry at the ambulance drivers because I didn't get to do show jumping, and they cut my jacket. The only reason we kept Joe at that stage was because the first thing I asked was if he was okay. (:

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