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lubylol 01-22-2012 01:44 AM

4 year old OTTB vs. 6 year old OTTB!
So I've been texting a girl for over 2 hours talking to her about these horses. I texted her first for Lilly, and this is her ad.

Beginner Safe Mare For Sale or FREE Lease

Big, Beautiful, Beginner Safe Young Mare!

Lilly is a coming 4 yr old, started over fences, but now working on flat to improve her skills. The girl was very honest and we talked about her being on the bit vs. going swimming vs. vices, you name it. The girl said she bought her as a hunter prospect because she is smooth, and is more "woah than go" depending on if I like her jump, we may go towards eventing, dressage, or hunter's.

She then mentioned her other horse Go (All the Go) who would be able to be leased out to the right person. She is 6 yrs old, jumps 2'6" consistantly, has been to schooling xcountry and excelled.

Both horses are available for on farm lease, but both being an hour away would do no good, off farm lease, and as of right now, Lilly is available for "lease to buy"

Since I'm on mobile, I obviously can't add pictures, but as soon as I get home, I will.

Both have no visible conformation faults, and have no injuries from racing. Lilly had 4 shoes when she was brought home, and had them pulled and was sore for a few days. That was the only problem she had.

(As you can tell I'm supporting more info on Lilly rather than Go because Lilly was the focus on our convo)

I sent this text to a friend to help you with a comparison:
4 year old, bad ass brown, starting over fences, has jumped 2', hunter prospect, vs. dapple grey 6yr old, jumps 2'6 consistantly, been shown, pretty much finished...

And the funny thing is, Lilly will be turning 4 on leap year, which is when I turn 16. I'll never forget her birthday haha!

I told the girl I'd get back to her in the next week or so to come down and try both mares out.

From an outside perspective which would you rather have? I'm personally leaning towards Lilly because I was given more info on her, and was pulled into her first.

Pictures will be added tomorrow. Thank you!

Edit* I'm jumping 2'3" comfortably so the fence height does not have a big effect on me. I'd jump either of them at 18" if that was they could do!

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SorrelHorse 01-22-2012 02:31 AM

Those are some bony hips....

Probably go for the finished mare too.

SportHorseHeaven 01-22-2012 03:19 AM

I would try them both to be talking to someome is not the same as seeing them :) lilly looks very nice in her pic
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lubylol 01-22-2012 08:02 AM

Sorrel. The girl got her off the track in November, and she said she dropped weight. She's putting it back on, if that's what you meant.

I too like the fact that Go is finished, but then again, all Lilly has to work with is her jumping when she's a little older, and getting more "go than woah"
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lubylol 01-22-2012 12:42 PM

Bump bump!
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lubylol 01-22-2012 03:04 PM

5 Attachment(s)
Here are the pictures!

Lilly is the bay, while Go is the dapple :)

I couldn't find any good pictures of Go, so they're just normal pictures of her.

Can you critique Lilly? Thank you :)

SorrelHorse 01-22-2012 06:36 PM

Well I'm no good with conformation but I am absolutely in love with Go. :) She looks so good in those pictures.

lubylol 01-22-2012 07:23 PM

Thanks Sorrel! That's what's making the decision hard haha!

I'm looking into Lilly more just so I can be the one to finish her, but then again it would be nice to have an already finished horse to show.

I'm drawn to Lilly's "personality" (not really) with how far she's been trained, and age....while I'm drawn into Go's color and the fact she's already finished.

Both horses are young enough to be able to take to college in 3 years, and both would suit eventing...although Lil would possibly do better hunter's.
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SorrelHorse 01-22-2012 07:28 PM

If you think you have the time and the ability to finish Lilly, then go for it. But definately go and ride both of them, spend some time deciding who you click most with.

I remember once I went to look at two prospects. One had more training than the other but the other had a million times better the breeding and talent.

I took the one with more training. Simply because I thought the other one was too much of a "mare" for me. Even though that "mare" would have probably won dozens of more shows than the horse I did end up bringing home. And to this day I still have that little bugger sitting out in the back pasture.

blush 01-22-2012 07:39 PM

Both are very cute prospects. :)
I'm not a fan of the grey's jump, she seems kind of lazy and uninterested in the o/f pic. Hence the sloppy jump she gave. I personally see her more a dressage prospect, very cute movement. Yes, she's a pretty color but color isn't everything. Don't be blinded by the hypnotizing grey! ;)

I like Lilly, I think it's wonderful that you could finish her your way. Great project for you and learning experience for her! Plus, I really like her conformation, she's built really solid. Any o/f pics??
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