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BeautifulBay 03-15-2007 10:47 AM

stepping out
I saw the mounting up post, and my horse is different. She stands still until my weight is up on the one stirrup, then she starts to walk forward as I swing my leg over her...that annoys me. I want her standing still the entire time. Sometimes I stop and get off and discipline her with a back up then move up, but she doesn't care about that. She likes to ride and she knws we're going to go, so she jumps the gun. I just keep my reins in my hand and expect to stop her before my butt is in the seat. It's kind of a pain.
She also sidesteps away from me when I mount from a block....ALWAYS! She seems to not like that, but when we're bareback, I have no choice. How do I keep the backend from sidestepping out?

Raini 03-15-2007 05:31 PM

Walking away when mounting is a sign of disrespect. I'd do some groundwork to gain some more respect. Also when she starts to walk off calmly get off and back her up a long ways. Then do it over. I just found that when my horse respected me she no longer walked off. Also when you get on sit there for a moment. Don't immediately walk off but just take a minute to let her relax before you begin. If you don't feel like backing her up Get on and stop her then back her up while your on her and try dismounting and mounting a couple times.

For sidestepping I'd take her to the mounting block and just teach her to stand still by it, without mounting. Practice walking up and down it without her moving. Then try putting your foot in but not getting up. Each time she moves just start over again. This is also a respect problem. She's saying "yeah right like I want you on my back if anything you should do what I want."

fairyfeet 03-15-2007 05:51 PM

Max always did that and it was a real pain. Then one day just after I'd started riding again after a broken collarbone, I caught a nerve in my shoulder getting on, felt faint and had to get off. I slid off around his neck but on the wrong side, sat on a bench for a while and he came up to say sorry, he'd thought he'd got me off! After a few minutes went and got back on, he stood completely still until I was on, found the stirrup, and sorted the reins before I asked him to walk on. He's done it ever since. I've not done or said anything to him about it, and the girl who was with me that day swears he thought it was his fault. Maybe it would work for you.

fairyfeet 03-15-2007 05:54 PM

By the way Max had been so bad that he'd get people off before they had reached the saddle for nearly three years before I had him. He was really good at it. Now he's no problem and stands beside a step.

3days3ways 03-15-2007 07:12 PM

whenever he tries to walk forward, wherever you are in the stage of getting on, calmy sit in the saddle, halt him and make him back up to where you were originally. don't make a fuss, just do it. when he stands there for a couple seconds, give him a small pat, walk forward a couple steps, then dismount. then repeat this session til he realizes how much easier it is to stand still.

for hte butt swinging out problem, have a friend help you. have him/her stand near his rear (haha that rhymes) and if he tries to side step, have your friend tap him and get him to stand in front of hte mounting block.

one more way that i geuss is kind of for both to get him to stand still would stand on top of hte mounting block, and have him walk cirlces around it, and if he tries to stop keep him going. then, have him stop infront of the mounting block. if he tries to walk anywhere, send him off again until he stands completley stil and reward him with a lot of pats! this is a little like joining up in hte sense the point is to get them to WANT to stand still so they do not have to walk again.

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