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Annanoel 01-24-2012 06:03 PM

Best way to refresh a draft?
Hello all,

Figured there's some draft owners out there that have been where I'm at. I just adopted a Percheron mare named Arabelle, she's gorgeous. She has previous riding and driving experience. I've seen pictures of her being ridden and driven. Although, she has sat the last four years and has become very pushy and nervous when walked around. The biggest problem being she likes to randomly decided she gets to walk me. I immediately stop her and have her back a few steps then release the pressure. Don't know if there's a better way to correct this? I have started flexing her, teaching her to yield to pressure and have worked the sending exercise to. I am very anciy to get on her, but I know she has to be good on the ground before I can do so. What are some exercises you all use or any tips and tricks you have for me to help her!

The one and only...

DutchFeather 01-24-2012 06:15 PM

She doesn't need any special treatment or training techniques because she's a draft. The same rules should apply to her as the lighter breeds. It will take time, patience, and consitency, but she will be fine if you don't get intimidated by her size and pushy attitude. I don't treat my belgians any different that my quarter horses. They all know what is expected of them, regardless of breed. As for her riding and driving refreshment, if you've never driven before, find a driving mentor who is experienced. The riding part is the same as refreshing a light breed as well, just be prepared that if she was trained to drive before ride, she MIGHT be a little hard on the mouth, but this isn't always the case, she may be very supple and soft.

loveduffy 01-31-2012 11:52 PM

treat a draft like a horses but feed a draft like a draft

DraftyAiresMum 01-31-2012 11:57 PM

I'll be honest...when I saw the title of your thread, I thought "Ask the bartender for a fresh glass!" Yeah, I'm a dork. :-P

Like the others said: don't treat her any different than you would a regular-sized horse.

loveduffy 02-01-2012 12:00 AM

that would be a cool drink the draft horse

DraftyAiresMum 02-01-2012 12:03 AM


Originally Posted by loveduffy (Post 1335851)
that would be a cool drink the draft horse

"Strong and robust...with a kick! Make your next beer a Draft Horse."

Sorry, couldn't resist. :lol:

waresbear 02-01-2012 12:03 AM

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Barkeep, pour me a double draft horse! Put it on loveduffy's tab.

Allison Finch 02-01-2012 12:24 AM

Here's a draft refreshing himself....

I'm so sorry...I just couldn't resist.

That big gorgeous horse needs to be a vaulting horse.

Now that I think of puts a new meaning of DRAFT beer!!

Annanoel 02-01-2012 01:08 AM

You guys have me laughing so hard and it's midnight! Someone's going to think I've been slamming back drafts all night. ;) Thanks again for the pointers, love the turn of this thread. Lol. (:
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