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Prinella 01-26-2012 08:31 AM

Yay for her maturity
Ella and I had our 4th ride today.

For those who don't know Ella will be 5 on mothers day she's a tb x wb and quite a difficult mare

We were 5 mins into the ride when the winds picked up and I've sworn a little under my breath.

Then I couldn't see anything, all of a sudden we had a dust storm that was also pelting me with pebbles it lasted about a minute. It felt like 10. I was sure she was going to explode and I'd be dumped and dumped hard! Exact feeling was I AM GOING TO DIE SIT BACK RELAX MUSNT SCARE PONY ARGGH GOING TO DIIE READY SIT BACK ARGHH

She jumped forward a tad and I instinctively closed fingers on the rope ( yup riding in a rope halter) she stopped and stood there just shaking.

Of course my mind was racing for a minute I was convinced i'd be getting to know our HARD ground intimately.

I was so proud of her. We don't often get these storms and many of the schoolies would have reacted to that let alone the baby. A year ago she wouldn't have thought it through it was all act first think later. Yay for maturity!
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kait18 01-26-2012 09:29 AM

congrats :) glad you didnt have to enjoy a face in the dirt episode lol

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