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3days3ways 07-06-2008 01:15 AM

H/J Show advice
hey guys!
so basically i'm an eventer but for fun a friend and i are entering a local hunter/jump show. I know the basics for everything because i used to do h/j circuit, but i was wondering if anyone had tips :)
i was especially wondering about the hunter under saddle class, what is the judge looking for? how should i ride in general.. i.e. in a pleasure class i generally have my horse in a longer/lower frame then in my eq class... stuff like that haha.

i'm also entering in a eq, pleasure, hunter, and jumper class and any advice is very welcome!!

thank you!!

upnover 07-06-2008 05:38 PM

In your undersaddles the judge is looking for a nice forward (not fast, but in front of your leg and ready to move up) long and low "floaty" gait (not too much knee action), responsive and pleasant horse. Something that would be nice to take on a hack out in the country. It's judged largely on the quality of your horse's gaits, so do NOT hold him back like you would in pleasure class!! Some rider from the paint circuit came to our show, made her horse do the little peanut pusher jog, and barely moved at the canter, and then got mad her horse didn't place. Some of the horses I ride I keep more on the bit, some I let them go a little, but I always keep contact on their mouth. I usually get off their back a little at the canter so they can really use their body. You want a nice smooth transition that's not too hurried but easy to get (use a crop discretely if you need one). The order will probably be some variation of :walk, trot, walk, canter, walk, reverse, trot, walk, canter, walk, line up. Your horse will lose points for fighting the bit (toss their head), pinning ears, swishing tails, going to fast or too slow, picking up the wrong lead, etc. Don't stay on the rail if you don't have to do! Try to stay spaced out and don't let your horse get hidden from the judge by another horse. And of course, make sure your horse is turned out nicely! Bathed, pulled mane, clean tack, etc.

upnover 07-06-2008 05:46 PM

as far as your hunter and your jumper classes... know your course!

Hunters: the judge is looking for pace, line, rhythm! Pick a nice pace, stay on it, and always make a straight line to/away from the jumps and a good corner. Lead changes are necessary to win. Start with an opening circle (to warm up your horse and prepare your judge), and end with a courtesy circle (gives the judge a moment before the next horse comes in) There is a certain number of strides your horse should get in the lines and your horse should keep that pace. For example, if there are 2 lines that are 5 strides? You'll get counted off if you get 5 strides in one, and 6 (or 4) strides in the next. But if your horse can't do the 5 strides well (if it's short), it's better to get an easy 6 in both lines (even though you will be counted off) rather then to run through the line just to get the 5 (you'll get counted off more)

Jumpers: walk your course if you can. know where the good turns are! Also know which 'table' the courses are so you know when/how to do the jump off. Let me know if you don't know what "tables" mean. I think xcountry stadium jumping has tables, right? or maybe not, don't know!

Good luck!!

3days3ways 07-06-2008 06:59 PM

thank you so much that was really helpful!!!

Supermane 07-06-2008 07:25 PM

Here are some tips for the flat class

"According to the US Equestrian Federation Rule Book, 'Light contact on the horses mouth is required. Horses should be obedient, alert, responsive and move freely.' To those requirements I would add that you should look confident and capable, and both you and your horse should look immaculately turned out"

* Make sure your clothes are clean and boots polished.
* Your horse should be well groomed, coat gleaming, and hooves oiled. Make sure the tail and mane are clean if he/she isn't braided
* Make sure you all of the loose ends of tacked are tucked into the keepers
* The show pad should fit well under the saddle.
* If possible ride in a dee-ring snaffle
* You are not allowed to use boots, polos, or a martingale, but you may use ear plugs if your horse reacts to noise (Although some horses will pin their ears with them in)
* You always track left in the beginning

1) Locate the judge and put yourself in the best spot to get noticed. Make sure you don't get too close while passing him, he won't be able to see you.

2) Look around for things that your horse may look at. If you horse get bored in hack class point him towards a jump to get his ears forward and interested. If a horse is getting behind you get away.

3) Stay away from the crowd, you want to spotlight your horse

4) Get your horse notice has even before the class has started and try to get in early. Trot him around a little and loosen him up.

5) You horse should look smooth, comfortable, and pleasant to ride. You should look comfortable and confident. Try to show light contact with a fairly long rein.

6) At the end of the class attempt to get a place in the middle of the line.

my2geldings 07-06-2008 08:01 PM

Why are you asking for advice if you used to do the h/j circuit?? :roll:

3days3ways 07-06-2008 09:04 PM

b/c i was 6 and i am always looking to improve my knowledge of horses and showing.

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