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kait18 01-26-2012 09:44 AM

ground driving??
i have done this accouple of times and my horses have no problems with it... thankfully but my neighbors horse who we are trying to ground drive refuses to go forward once we are behind idea of what we are doing

we started with basic lunging in halter then moved to lunging with bridle, then went back to lunging in halter but added the suringcal(sp), then went to bridle and suringcal(Sp). and then we did lunging with a light weight driving harness and proper bridle. from here we started using two driving reins. and worked her more towards her hind asking her to go forward directing with both reins. now we have moved to actually being behind her and getting her forward.
this is where the problem hits.
she will acknowledge what is asked when there is someone at her head. but when someone is not and only behind her she refuses to go forward and will back up very quickly... it looks like she wants to kick out but doesn't and will rush backwards??

any ideas on how to get her used to something behind her and following...

thanks in advance

snootyfox 01-26-2012 10:18 AM

I have long lined all my horses both to start under saddle and to work when I am introducing new elements in their training that will require more balance. This issue comes up occasionally.

I had a young horse have this issue a few years ago. My first project was just being behind him and stroking him with my driving whip and talking to him. Even thought he may seem to be okay with you back there make sure you can touch him with your equipment and have no reaction unless you give commands which mean move forward- you may need those calming brakes one day!). I had my helper at his head as I asked for him to step forward into a very gentle and yielding rein contact (so he didn't feel trapped or blocked). My helper didn't touch him or lead him she was just there so he could see her. Over the course of several training sessions I had her stepping further away each time until she was off his hip and finally out of his sight. I also introduced the idea of me behind by long-lining and reversing the direction by sending him straight from a circle, me stepping behind him then out the other side as I turned into the new active rein. He got very used to me being behind him for a few steps before I made more steps behind him than beside him. The next thing to introduce is the sound of you being behind him...not just your voice as the calming and directing aid but also the sound of you as in your boots in the arena footing, the sound of your clothes (jackets can be loud to horses when it is coming up behind them).
The second method I have used is to long-line on a circle like above and when I go to reverse I stay off to the side so he can see me and start going in straight lines. That is one of the methods I learned from a combined driving instructor for my mare who would get a little too big for her britches when I was directly behind her. If she could see me she was more attentive. It took a few sessions of spending a little more time behind her each day until she was fine with it.

Good luck and just take your time.

kait18 01-26-2012 10:25 AM

thanks i will try that :)

Corporal 01-26-2012 10:45 AM

Dennis Reis has some very good ground training techniques. He emphasizes forward impulsion as the basis for all movements. In this week's program he differentiated between the basics of forward and halt and how to advance from stopping the horse while in front to stopping the horse on his side, at the end of the line and to the side of the driveline. It's very frustrating but we have to dig to find out the holes in the education of our horses. I would check out his techniques--I DVR and save programs that I want to study, his stuff, Julie Goodnight's stuff and CA's stuff. (I have DISH and we formatted a terrabyte to save programing to rewatch.)
I am inclined to save up the$ and buy Reis's Foundation course bc he is assertive but uses the least amount of pressure to move a horse from among the trainers who broadcast on RFDtv. He is a big proponant of bridleless, also.
Freedom Course < Home Study Courses | Reis Ranch
Yes, I know--they try to do this like the Parelli's, but I don't have to join their "club" to buy/use their materials.

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