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Wallaby 01-26-2012 08:04 PM

Good, reasonably priced, western cinch?
Today I got the latest addition to my saddle collection (haha) and it brought to my attention the fact that I need to get another cinch.
I already have one for the saddle my lesson kids use but I'm thinking that trading cinches after every ride is going to get old rather quickly.

Anyway, I'm thinking that I should probably get a neoprene cinch because Lacey can get cinchy and with how roly-poly she is, I'd prefer to not have to cinch the living daylights out of her to keep the saddle on...

I've found that western saddles seem to "stick" to her best with string cinches but I'm concerned about quality due to my low price range... If I could find one of reasonable quality for a low price, I'd be game.

Anyway, I'm considering this neoprene cinch:

Yellow 30" Air Comfort Neoprene Girth Horse Tack | eBay

Does anyone have any feelings about it/used one those before?

Saddlebag 01-26-2012 10:33 PM

A neoprene cinch will add to her roly poly. I'd stick with string girths. They have grip and are much cooler than neoprene. Some horses get sore from neoprene.

Wallaby 01-26-2012 10:39 PM

Thanks! Good to know! I always thought neoprene added grip, but when I really think about it, that doesn't really make sense...

Is there a brand/type of string cinch you'd recommend or do you think pretty much any string cinch will last for an acceptably long time?

grayshell38 01-27-2012 03:14 PM

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I second passing on neoprene. They do not dissipate heat and cause quite a bit of friction. A lady I ride with sometimes found that out the hard way when her horse got a couple really bad saddle sores after a particularly long ride. I told her about the cinch I use.

I really like string cinches, and in the future, when I have more loose money, I am going to get some natural fiber string cinches, but for now, I really like the felt "smart cinches" by weaver. Much less sweat after a ride, and no rubbing. The only issue I have had, is that they are a bit wide for my taste. I haven't had any problems with rubbing as of yet, but it does worry me that it is a bit further into Thelma's armpit than I like...albeit, she is a dainty girl. My lady friend got one and absolutely loves it. She hasn't had any issues with saddle sores again and noticed that he isn't as sweaty under the girth either.

A pic of Thelma and the smart cinch in the middle of an all day ride:

So, if you have the cash, go with natural fiber string cinches, if not, get the felt smart cinch.

smrobs 01-27-2012 04:31 PM

You can get a lower quality string cinch for ~$20, give or take. Those are normally made from rayon instead of a natural fiber like mohair or alpaca, but they are still functional. The place where most people run into galling a horse with a string cinch is that they let it get dirty and sweaty and stiff. That's when it will really gall a horse. In the summer time especially, I will power wash my cinches about once a week. Sometimes more often, depending on whether I have to ride through deep mud or not.

27 Strand White Roper Cinch | NRS - National Roper Supply - Western Wear, tack, team ropes, horse tack, team roping ropes, bits...

And even though I am not a fan of smart cinches at all....
Straight Smart Cinch Weaver Leather (Equine - Supplies Tack - Saddle Accessories - Cinches)

Though, honestly, I've noticed that the cinch is more secure with roper types. The added contact area just gives more stability to the saddle (plus it spreads the pressure over a larger area on horses that you have to cinch tighter :wink:).

Wallaby 01-27-2012 10:48 PM

Grayshell- One of the horses at camp had a "Smart Cinch" like that and it got so so so gross when that mare would sweat. We would go out of our way to not be the one to tack/untack her because of that nasty, smelly, cinch... So I'm a little put off them. LOL!
Also, is that saddle on Thelma a...older Simco, I think? I'm pretty sure that's basically the twin to the saddle I rode Lacey in all last summer at camp! Too funny!

Thanks for the suggestions, both of you! I really appreciate it!
Before I checked back here (silly me!) I ended up buying a "100% cotton" string cinch for $15 and free shipping, I figure it'd be hard to beat that! haha
It does have those roller things on the ends (I'm not a fan of those either) but maybe it'll help me cinch Lacey up more smoothly... We'll see, I guess!
I wish I had known that about roper cinches! Darn. Maybe next time because I sure do need as much saddle stability as possible with little Miss Ima Wide Wide Horse. :lol:

I do try to keep my cinches pretty clean (during the summer I wash them about once every two weeks, more if they get nasty looking) so hopefully I won't have issues with galling.
Actually, the only times Lacey's ever gotten galled by a cinch were when she was wearing a felt one (hate those!) for not even 3 hours and when I first got her the fleece one I have now. I need to cycle the fleece one out at some point (because it still does like to gall her if she's ridden in it too much), maybe when I get a roper style string cinch! :lol:

Thanks again!

tinyliny 01-28-2012 12:34 AM

something like this? mohair/rayon blend. Classic brand is well reviewed.
Classic Equine Blended Mohair Straight Cinch and Western Cinches | EQUESTRIAN COLLECTIONS.COM

Saddlebag 01-28-2012 08:52 AM

Mohair is my first choice because of it's hygroscopic properties ie it will wick sweat and move it which helps keep the area cooler plus it provides nice grip.

Gidget 02-03-2012 03:24 PM

I do not like neoprene. If I were you I would walk away from it. When the horse sweats it becomes slick and will begin to slide a bit. Also some horses are allergic to it and it can rub the hair off of them and will create a sore. Not all horses are that sensitive to it but I've knew of one besides Gidget that had problems with it too.

I would stick to mohair(kinda pricey) or fleece. I have fleece or felt and they are very comfortable for them :) No getting skin stuck inbetween the strings!..ouch!

trailhorserider 02-04-2012 12:24 AM

I guess you already bought a cinch, but I really love mohair. Like Smrobs says, you need to wash them when they get dirty, but I think it's that way with every cinch. I had a friend who used a neoprene cinch and it stunk to high heaven because she didn't wash it.

What I like to do is when the cinch is getting dirty, take it off after a ride and stick it in a bucket of water and rinse it out. Hang it to dry and it's usually ready to go in a day or two (depending on the humidity).

Anyway, I love mohair. Very soft and has never galled my horses. :-)

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