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rausrus 07-06-2008 08:51 AM

Help w/ aggressive mare
We have a 22yo qh mare we purchased 2 months ago. She is a wonderful trail and pretty good arena/lesson horse. Her main problem "was" that she would pin her ears when you brought the saddle to her side but as soon as the saddle was set on her back she was fine. She is getting better w/ that and we assumed it was a trust issue.

Now the real problem starts....she has been very aggressive w/ our other horses the past 2 weeks. On trail rides she will just reach forward aggressively, and what seems out of the blue, and bite the horse in front. She has even spun around and started to kick the horse in front of her after the always seems to be the horse in front of her she directs her anger towards. At first she seemed to single out other mares, but yesterday it was directed at our percheron calm and steady. He just stood there while she nailed him in the rear. Unfortunately the 3 times she's done this, we have had riders on her that didn't do anything except hang on for the ride! A week ago we were thinking "hormones" and tried to use her strategically placing her away from other mares and looking for something to give her during that time to help her out. Now that it's been 2+ weeks, we're not sure if her heat cycle is the problem. Any ideas?

3days3ways 07-06-2008 07:16 PM

that's similar to a mare at my barn. she's on this natural supplement that regulates the hormones as you mentioned and it took about a month to kick in, and she's wayyy better now. she still has moments, as all "lead mares" will probably have their whole lives, but the supplement helped a lot.

Abby 07-06-2008 07:19 PM

She could be a very dominant horse, and following another horse is a submissive or low-man thing to do and it irritates her because she thinks SHE should be the one leading. Try letting her lead and see if the problem persists. If she still acts aggressivly to the other horses, it may be another proplem all together such as hormones, as suggested, or an aggressive behavorial problems that needs to be addressed immediatly as it can escalade into much much more. If she bites or rubs another horse the wrong way, there may be a big blowout, and someone, horses and riders included, could be injured.

hrsrdr 07-12-2008 02:08 PM

It does sound like a "mare problem"...I would reccomend trying a "Moody mare formula" they cure any mare with heat problems. You can get them at Dover Saddlery (google it) for around $30-40.

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