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jillybean19 01-27-2012 03:01 PM

Endurance tack?
I'm going to begin doing endurance this year. I come from a QH background and got a full Arabian, and from what I understand, with the change in breeds and the sport itself, I'll probably be getting new tack as well. I'm planning on doing mostly conditioning this year (for both me and my horse), a few limited distance rides (25 miles), and maybe one 50 mile ride if we get really ambitious haha. So.... what do I need? What is a must and what are things that I can compromise with, either going without all together or that I can wait a little longer on? Next year will be better for more expensive stuff, both because we'll be a little more serious about going out and competing on longer trails and at faster paces and I'll graduate this December and have a bit more time/money haha.

As for saddles, I have my western saddle that seems to fit him but I'll check on that a little more, and an English all-purpose saddles. I don't necessarily ride English, but I would be comfortable riding in it if it fits him better.

I definitely need to get a bridle as I do not have one right now. From what I understand, I should get one that I can remove the bit easily. I've seen a few that are marketed as an endurance halter/bridle combo which seems cool, but I don't want to waste my money on it if I don't need it/isn't a good bridle for endurance.

mystykat 01-27-2012 03:14 PM

Some worth while things to invest in (though not necessarily musts):

-Endurance/Aussie saddle (though conditioning in any saddle as long as it fits won't be a big deal. But there is a noticeable difference in having the right kind of saddle for the job) In Alberta - competitive trail rides can be done in any tack.
-A breathable, durable, lightweight saddlepad (one that dries quickly)
-A breastcollar
-A small pocket or wrist gps
-An equine heartrate monitor
-Sports boots
-Saddle bags

I'm sure someone else could add soooo much more.

I was thinking my next investment is going to be a halter/bridle combination. Depending on how serious you get in endurance it's not unheard of that some places are better to lead your horse through on the trail. Sure would be handy to be able to grab your leadrope from a saddle pag and clip and go.

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