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My Beau 01-29-2012 01:04 PM

Filly jumped fence - question about swollen leg
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This afternoon Cavalina jumped the fence (4ft., oak boards) between paddocks. I didn't see it happen but I also suspect that she got herself a bit hung up on it.

(She's the one grazing... trying to look innocent, I suppose)

She has a cut on her right hind cannon, her stifle on both sides and below her hock on her left hind leg. These are just scrapes more or less, I put AluShield on them for the night and will keep an eye on them.

While I was cleaning her up I noticed that the front of her left cannon is swollen. She was a bit tender when I pressed on it. Do you think it's just swelling from trauma/a hematoma? It looks weird to me... trying to decide whether to call the vet in the moring. I put some Absorbine liniment gel on it and was debating on whether to put a standing wrap on it, but decided against it since she's not even 3 years old yet and would most likely mess with it.

While my brother and I were out putting the boards back up she trotted around a bit and wasn't lame (and I only knew of the cut on her cannon at that time). But by the time I saw her other cuts/swelling it was dark outside.

What do you wise HFers think? (These are just pics from my phone, sorry if they aren't the greatest...)
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Attachment 86299

This one is more from the side - you can't see the swelling as much, but you can see the cut below her hock.
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caseymyhorserocks 01-29-2012 04:37 PM

Well, isn't to bad, but, I would hose it down as much as possible with cold water.

smrobs 01-29-2012 04:50 PM

Truthfully, I wouldn't worry about it too much. She banged herself where there is no muscle or fat to soften the blow. Consider how small a bang it takes to make your shin swell up and turn black LOL.

I would just keep an eye on it over the next few days. It may get a little bigger in the next day or two when the swelling really gets going but so long as she isn't 3 legged lame, she'll heal up just fine. If it starts to get really, really big or if she starts limping bad (more than just "I'm a little bit sore" limping), then I would start considering a vet.

I'm quite certain that she'll be just fine though. Silly filly LOL.

waresbear 01-29-2012 04:52 PM

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Hydro therapy, a fancy word for cold hosing. Nice number she did on the fence.

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