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Designingshinto 03-15-2007 08:26 PM

Equine Help 101
I have developed a AIM screen name for anyone who wants advise on horses or horse realted topics. This screen name is made for people who need help ONLY and i will not be chatting to my friends or family, but rather be giving my undivided attention to those who need horse help! I will not keep anyone's name in my buddylist or chat with them unless they have came to me first-- as this is not for social reasons! Feel free to consult me as many times as you want! I would love to help you all on training, feed, basic health, buying, costs, or other info so please take advantage of this! I have been riding and caring for horses for 6+ years and am an active 4H memeber, i am knowledgable in many different styles of riding and in basically anything HORSE! I am usually close by the computer or have the sound turned up in case someone has an emergency or needs emergency help =)

I am signed on my horse hotline screen name from 3:30pm-10pm on weeknights and 11:00am-1:00am on weekends. Sometimes it may take me awhile to respond, or i may temporarily be away but if you leave me a message i will get back to you or address your question by e-mail.

***ADD Equine Help 101 to your buddy list today!***
My horse Shinto!

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