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WildAboutHorses 01-31-2012 11:46 AM

All about your horse!
Post all about your horse here! :)
My horse is a 10 year old dapple grey thoroughbred named Kittles. I love her to death! She's best at show jumping and dressage (but I'm horrible at dressage lol).
Talk about your horse! :)

Tyler 01-31-2012 11:56 AM

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Fun idea!

Oakey's a 14-year-old sorrel, gelding Quarter Horse. I got him in 2006 – he was hardly broke to ride, hated the saddle, and was a stubborn little stinker. :-P I started training him to ride bareback and without a bridle in 2008 or '09 (can't remember which). He's much better about letting folks ride him now (though he's not anywhere near perfect).

He's still got a stubborn streak, but he's also really gentle and fun to just hang around. He's got 3 girlfriends (Nubian goats that love eating Oakey's tail) that he won't ever let out of his sight. Oakey's most favorite pastime is chasing the goats and eating (did I mention he's fat?).

WildAboutHorses 01-31-2012 12:05 PM

Aw what a cutie! :)
I got Kittles last year. She was pretty spooky when I first got her but now she's incredible. She's got quite a mind of her own though and loves sugar cubes and peppermints. Kittles favorite thing to do is jump and be with her bf Snickers (my bffs horse). :wink:

DraftyAiresMum 01-31-2012 08:00 PM

Buenos Aires (barn name Aires) is my coming 3yo Percheron/paint gelding. I bought him May 27th, 2011. He was an unbroke, unhandled 2yo stud colt who hadn't been out of his stall in six months (he decided he didn't like men and it was men who did the turnouts, so he just didn't get turned out). The day after I bought him, I got a halter on him (took about five minutes) and had him walking on a loose lead like a perfect gentleman within 15 minutes. I worked with him pretty much daily, teaching him to lunge, pick up his feet to have them cleaned and handled, and just working on his ground manners. About a month after I got him and finally got his feet trimmed (they hadn't been touched in at least six months, if not longer, but they weren't absolutely horrible because of how slow his hooves grow anyway), the BO started working on breaking him to saddle for me (which training was included in my purchase price). Within the first couple of sessions, they had a breaking saddle on him. Within another four sessions, the trainer was up on his back, riding him around the round pen working off direct rein and leg pressure (direct rein as in NORMAL direct rein, not wide plow reining like you usually have to do with a green horse). Three rides later, I was out of my walking cast (had an incident with another boarder's horse) and was handed my boy and said "He's yours to finish." Ever since then, we've done a few trail rides and some arena work. He is absolutely amazing. Intelligent, gentle, and forgiving.
My boy last summer all sleek and shiny (was about 15.1hh in this pic):
My boy now in his winter woolies (he's about 16hh at the withers and 16.2hh at the butt)...the barn joke is that he's part woolie mammoth :-P :

IquitosARG10 02-02-2012 05:09 AM


I adopted him in 2008; he's an 11 y/o OTTB. He was imported as a yearling from Argentina. His daddy is one of the leading sires there. He raced at Gulf Stream, Acqueduct, Calder, and Canterbury. He had an accident and had a sesamoid fracture that healed after surgery (he has a pin holding it). The owners were going to race him again...after the vet wouldn't clear him to be ran the owners wanted him put down. HOWEVER, the vet must have seen something special in him because he couldn't do it and hid him in another barn until the rescue could come pick him up :) If I ever met the man I think I would give him a the bigeest hug of my life!!!!

He is the sweetest boy EVER. His hobbies include, eating, sleeping, dunking, rolling, and making sure there is no section of clean shavings in the stall in the morning.

His personality is amazing. There were many people who looked him at the rescue (as he was there for 2 years) before I came and the owner of the rescue said I was the only one who he had ever shown any interest in. He stopped eating hay and came over to me and rested his head on my shoulder for about 10 minutes. It was love.

I defied the rule - 1st and only horse I ever looked at <3

I am truly blessed to know what a true horse/human connection is like. I don't think you come across that everyday.

Thanks for reading...I must stop or I'll start to cry!!!

chaseranya 02-02-2012 06:15 AM

My mom bought Mercedes from an amish auction in Colorado. Not knowing A thing about her but was told she was broke. Right. My mom did not like her. Mercedes would pin her ears at everyone. I did not want a mare, but I thought I'd mess with her a little. Her and I had a conection right away. She was a four year old who did well at home, I could tell she was very green. She broke my tailbone only two months into having her.Spooking at a sparrow. She is now going on her second year of ridding. We are looking forward to barrels this summer.She' go threw water, walk on tin, jump barrels, walk on a tarp, and let me put th tarp over her head. I'm really glad I stuck it out with her. I feel I won the lotto we I got her!

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