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Choucheli 02-01-2012 04:50 AM

Internship / Volunteer / Exchange
Hi everybody

I'm looking for an internship / working student position / Exchange Program / Volunteer position ... on a horse ranch in Canada.

I'd like to learn English there and learn more about working horses, training young horses, riding, groundwork, (natural)horsemanship, ranchlife ...

Does someone know such a possibility? Advices?

Thank you :D

the3BellRanch 04-17-2012 10:43 PM

Horsemanship Internship Available
I own a small ranch in North Central Washington.

Volunteer tasks for the Ranch this year include the typical tasks that include: weeding, changing irritation lines (as simple as turning on and off valves), putting up hay and other crops, and selling produce at the local farmer's market.

IF we have a crew of ambitious and strong people we will attempt one or more of the following projects: 1. build a cold storage bunker (similar to the Taj Ma Hog Pig Palace; 2. build 1-3 "African Keyhole" gardens; 3. Renovate the long house cabin (or part of it); 4. Paint buildings.

The other ongoing project is to educate our young mules who will replace our senior horses in farm work. I orchestrate training through a variety of strategies that include the fundamentals of Natural Horsemanship (most people recognize these as the methods prescribed and taught by trainers such as Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli, Mark Rashid, Clinton Anderson and GaWaNi Pony Boy; yet I strive to integrate non-coercive methods such as the liberty work taught by Brandy Woorley and clicker-training as described by Alexandra Kurland. Volunteers are encouraged to "adopt a project horse" for the duration of their stay here. Their project horse will be the horse they learn horsemanship skills with. It is not a "given" that we will ride. The senior horses here are getting too old to do the mountains around the ranch and the young'uns are too green for beginner riders or riders who are unaccustomed to riding green horses.

We have a couple horse in for training this summer as well as the aforementioned mules. A volunteer passionate about improving his or her horsemanship skills would be welcome.

Contact Tara at The 3-Bell Ranch, LLC: The 3-Bell Ranch - About...

Choucheli 04-27-2012 02:19 AM

Hi, thank you very much for your answer. But now I have allready found another place to go. But thanks anyway :D

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