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RememberTheName 07-07-2008 02:04 PM

Teaching her not to lean...
Okay, so, I actually know multiple ways to teach a horse not to lean. But I just thought I'd see if you guys have some suggestions so I have more to work with, cause I'm on my own. (My trainer's at home with her newborn baby.)

So, some background.

I've worked (in lessons and alone) with enough horses that lean at this point that I'm fairly confident with what to do about it. But I thought I'd see if I could get some more pointers anyway, because you never ever stop learning when you're working with horses.

The horse I'm working with a 14 year old QH mare named Mufasa (Muffie). At the moment I am her only rider, and I have ridden her a few times in the past, but I work for her owner now and get to ride her in exchange. She hasn't been ridden for a while, and is rather overweight. (Any suggestions on how to get her back in shape would be awesome too.) She doesn't lean badly at the walk, but at the trot she is constantly falling to the inside. She does this at the canter, too. But in my experience it's best to tackle it at one gait before paying too much attention to the next. (Especially because she's fat.)

So, suggestions anyone?


SonnyWimps 07-07-2008 11:12 PM

best way is to (if your going COUNTER clockwise) is to take your leg left and push into the horses side as if telling them to move over, but kinda pushing up also...then take the left rein and raise it. That has worked all the time for me to teach a horse not to lean\

As for the weight issue, just work her...if she still isn't loosing weight, decrease her food intake

Painted Ride 07-08-2008 03:41 PM

i agree with sonnywhimps.... if she does not have a problem with catchingn her leads then what worked for my horse was to catch the left lead while taking a right circle, push in with your right leg while lifting up on the right rein...and catch the right lead when making a left circle, pushing with your left leg whilelifting up on the left rein.. use a lot og lef aid. this may sound crazy but my horse was the worst at leaning when we were in the right lead.. just a few circles and then i would take him to the rail..however if he began leaning again then i would take him back to the center of the arena a begin the circle in the wrong lead again. you will notice your horse begin to canter/lope more up and down. while i took him on the rail i would pick up the correct lead. but i have been there b4. to get her back into shape..bending excersises..this will help with her sweet feed..good luck

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