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ReneeM 02-01-2012 04:23 PM

Saddles or Tack in need of repair?
Quality repair on all types of saddles and gear. I'm a saddlemaker situated at Luddenham in NSW. I can repair/restore the gear you can't bare to let go of
Feel free to send me a message for more info or with a couple of photos of your saddle/tack and the areas that need work.

newdaydesignbylisa 04-02-2012 11:59 AM

Best wearing materials- browbands/headstalls
As you are in the business of repair work, ... can you please give me any information or hints that I should know before I work on assembly of browbands- (i.e. use leather only, or nylon webbing works good...). I am wondering if rivets are a good idea on the sides of the browband, or if this might rub against the horse and cause damage of any sort. Right now I am sewing with a 4 pound test smoke/crystaline "Fireline"... it's very close to a fish line, This seems to work well, but I hope it will hold up to wear... Trying to think of safety first...


New Day Design by Lisa by newdaydesignbylisa on Etsy

newdaydesignbylisa 04-02-2012 05:37 PM

My apologies to forum members....

Note: Please accept my apologies for posting an "advertising" link here- I did not read the forum rules throughly prior to posting information. This forum is the first I have ever joined, and am learning my way as I go... so sorry ...

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