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SundaysSlewlvr 07-07-2008 03:51 PM

limping horse...
my horse got her feet trimmed today. After fighting the farrier for 45 minutes she stood to have her back left leg trimmed. Afterwards she was limping on her right leg (the one she was hopping around on while fighting the farrier) she has always disliked her back legs being handled but has never limped. any ideas about what could be wrong??
p.s. she has no shoes and we were on gravel...

kim_angel 07-07-2008 04:20 PM

She could have strained the leg from all the hopping.

I would either give her a day or two and see how she feels or give her a bute with her food to help ease any soreness.

barefoothooves 07-07-2008 04:26 PM

Well, my first thoughts are (since you posted in another thread that your horse does great barefoot) that the hopping and fighting the trimmer is to blame. She likely has a REASON for the fighting. She might be trying to tell you that your farrier holds her leg up at a weird, uncomfortable height that's convenient for him, but not for her. How old is she? She may have a touch of arthritis in her hocks or hips and the trimming is aggrevating it. Or even if she's just short and your farrier is a big guy, that can cause some problems.

She could have strained or pulled a muscle in the fighting. Some horses have more trouble standing on three legs thanks to being fat or poor confromation overall and balance is hard to maintain.

How is she to have her feet picked up when it's not the farrier? Does she start out okay with him and start to struggle after he's had it up for a while? Maybe she just needs to be able to put it down periodically. If she's a dink all the time about her feet, it's probably a training issue. If she is normally good and just starts to struggle as your farrier works, I would say it's more of an issue of how he cradles her hoof or how far he cranks her leg away from her body, esp if she has any underlying stiffness.

And, of course, she could have brusied a foot on a rock, but if she's normally tough footed on them, I'd say it's not that, but soreness in other parts of her leg (like the hock or stifle). And bruises don't usually show up as sore immediately (usual being the key word).

Me, I try to understand and will squat lower for short, fat or older horses and give them breaks. Young, athletic horses that still fuss after a few minutes, I start to think they have sore hocks or stifles or even in the back, esp if it's consistent on the same leg and when I hold it a certain way.

SundaysSlewlvr 07-07-2008 04:27 PM

thanxs we gave her some bute and set up a vet appointment because she has had problems with the same leg before we just dont even have a clue what it could be :?

farmpony84 07-08-2008 10:42 AM

he could have clipped her too short or she could have a stone bruise... abscess forming... is the hoof hot? is there swelling in the lame? hard to tell...

barefoothooves 07-08-2008 01:15 PM

Farmpony, I think the limping was immediate, and there'd have to be a LOT clipped off to be that sore immediately, I'd be looking for blood in that case :shock:

An abscess would take a few hours/days to brew up and get hot. So my thoughts are a pulled/strained muscle or stiff joints from struggling/holding up the leg, though a bruise is not out of the question, of course.

Deussa 07-09-2008 10:17 PM

She may have hurt it in her struggle to get away from the farrier. Give her a day or two off and if it does not get better in 1-2 days get her to a vet.

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