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MyLittlePonies 02-01-2012 11:36 PM

Lets Talk Maiden Mares
Got a maiden you want to share? How did hey act? Were they much different from their other pregnancies? Please share!!! :lol:

SunnyDraco 02-02-2012 12:41 AM

Each mare and each pregnancy is different. Some of the biggest differences between breeding maiden mares and a seasoned broodmare tend to be when you are actually breeding. Especially when you do live cover, maidens tend to behave very different towards stallions. Although there are certainly many exceptions to this. Just like each mare will respond differently to the role of mother. Some maiden mares will "go by the book" and others you are totally unable to predict. Some mares will do the same things with each pregnancy while others may be different each time, no matter if it is a filly or colt.

With horses we had growing up, the maiden mares didn't act that differently with the next foal. Other than not having to teach one of the mares that you can't just look at the foal, you have to let it nurse too -which is what she did with her first foal, but with people holding her and others assisting baby to nurse, she got the idea quick enough. Had no trouble at all with her for her next two foals, and she even "borrowed" her first grandson from her daughter, but did let him return to mom to nurse.

We had one maiden mare that got a little nasty towards her foal, but she was never rebred. Her filly (however) was a great mother as a maiden mare, but we never rebred her either.

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