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mramsay 02-02-2012 01:42 AM

SMX ortho support pad, or suggestions?
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I have just bought a new used saddle for my reg paint gelding, the old one didnt give me enough wither clearence (to my liking anyways). I want to get a new pad, I currently have a wool and felt pad, but want something that will provide more relief and comfort (for the horse) on long and vigerous trail rides on uneven and hilly terrain. I found this, and thought It may work well, since he has a high whither. Anybody tried this pad or have suggestions (what type of material do you like ect). what about other SMX pads? They seem to be very popular. Also a pictreof my boy, sorry I dont have any pictures with him and my new saddle.

sierrams1123 02-02-2012 02:21 AM

If you are looking for the best pad to offer more support for that area I would go with Classic Equines BioFit Correction Pad

Cheaper here ->

It is hard to see the extra padding because of the darkness of the pictures but I love this pad, I will be buying another one soon.

GhostwindAppaloosa 02-02-2012 06:20 AM

i use the smx airride pads and i LOVE THEM!!!! i seem to barely ever get sweat under the saddle. My horse can be completely sweaty everywhere else but never gets more than warm under the pad. To me that is a sale in itself. They last a long time and are nicely contoured for the horse. I get mine from valley vet. between the free shipping and no tax they are the cheapest i am ever able to find them.

SMx Air-Ride OrthoSport Saddle Pad Professional Choice (Equine - Supplies Tack - Saddle Accessories pad

trailhorserider 02-02-2012 09:48 AM

I have several older "regular" SMX pads (not the ortho sport- I have never seen one of those on person) and one concern I would have for the original poster is that they are not very thick. And it sounds like the OP would like something thicker to give more clearance.

I know that for example, with my Fox Trotter who is a bit too narrow for my FQ Bar saddle, I would never use the SMX's on her because they are too thin to beef up her shoulders for the saddle.

So, assuming that the current SMX pads are the same thickness as the old ones, I don't know if it would be a help or not.

I still like really nice wool felt pads myself. Ones made for roping can be an inch thick or more. I usually use a single layer wool blanket (like a Mayatex) on the bottom to keep my pad clean (and it also ads a bit extra thickness), and then a 1" thick Impact Gel top of that. I can use almost any pad for my Mustang. He's a chunk. But with the Fox Trotter who is a bit narrow for my saddle, that is what I like to do. I don't think it needs to be in Impact Gel or anything, I just happen to have a nice 1" thick one. I like any high quality felt pad.

The $180 for the SMX would buy you a nice thick wool felt pad. Most of the good ones have wither cut-outs and a contour shape.

trailhorserider 02-02-2012 09:55 AM

PS. The pad in the 3rd picture looks pretty thick. A built-up pad I assume?

It might be hard to do much better as far as wither clearance goes. I am not sure about how it fits- it looks like the saddle bars might be over the pad opening, it's hard to tell. But you might want to try out some thick "regular" pads to see if they would even work.

I doubt the SMX ortho flex would do any better than that, but again, I have never seen one in person. I'm only going by the fact the regular SMX pads I have are on the thin side.

It would be nice if you knew someone with a few different types of pads to try on your horse before you spent a lot on a pad that might not work.

Casey02 02-11-2012 07:50 PM

I have that exact pad!!! :)

Good: Light weight, has the build up and nice and thin.

Bad: if you are looking for a lot of build up i wouldn't reccomend it, if you only need a little suppost

then i would!! its only about a 1/2 an inch where the build up sholder part is.

I hope this helps!

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