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mramsay 02-02-2012 01:50 AM

new saddle, need a new pad. Suggestions?
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Hi all,
I just bought a new(used) saddle for my reg paint gelding as the old one didnt give enough whither clearence IMO. What we got is a barrel saddle (although we mainly trail ride) due to the fact it was the best fit I could find for him, and it is comfy for me too. I want to upgrade from my cheap felt/woo bad and get something a little more substantial. I was looking at the SMX ortho support (see below) due to the fact that he does have high withers. I want something that will provide comfort for him on long, vigerous, and hilly trail rides. It seems that the SMX brand is very popular right now, but I dont want to pay for a name, I want something that will work well. Also included a few pictures of my boy (sorry dont have any new pictures of the new saddle on him). ALso included another SMX style, but Without the wither relief, would it be bulky and not bend nicely over the wither area?

sierrams1123 02-02-2012 02:03 AM

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I know this is not really answering your question but I happened upon a pad the other day that is on sale right now and you CAN NOT beat the price.

It is also a VERY good brand. Here Is The Link.

I think any of the color options would look great, the first one is my personal favorite.

As far as the options you posted I would go with the blue/black diamond or the different color diamond pad. They are very nice pads, I have one that is made by Pro Choice that is just a different pattern and it has lasted years. The first one you posted is one of Pro Choices crappy pads, they are not bad pads but wear out quick and look cheap.

SueNH 02-02-2012 06:31 AM

Mustang Herculon Cutback Built-Up Saddle Pad -

I just bought this one and I'm very happy with the quality. The color was also much richer than shown in the picture.

Joe4d 02-02-2012 07:52 AM

saddle pads should be used for padding, not for saddle fit. Ideally getting a good fitting saddle is the best route instead of taking a bad fitting saddle and trying to adjust it with pads.
Looks like you spent some time and got a saddle that fits, he shouldt need anything special now.
Lots of pads on the market with all kinds of doodads, bells and whistles. None of them will do anything better for a well fit saddle than a tucker southwest top coolback fleeece, or a reinsman canvas top fleece bottom pad. Both in the 70-80 dollar range. Good durable pads that do the job. I see alot of tucker cool backs on 50 and 100 mile endurance horses.

mvinotime 02-02-2012 08:20 AM

I was also looking at the first pad you posted, the Orthosport as it looked like a very nice pad to me although I normally prefer a wool/felt bottom side however when I was reading reviews ALOT of people where saying they slipped BADLY so it kinda deterred me from them :( Especially considering the cost. I am still searching as well.

Saddlebag 02-02-2012 09:35 AM

All you need is a contoured pad. The air ride pad just means there is foam, like neoprene, inside the pad. An old cowboy trick is to make a small hole near the front of the pad and thread a stout leather lace through it. When the horse is saddled, place your hand under the pad in the gullet, make a knuckle which will lift the front of the pad and secure it to the horn. This will relieve the pressure on the withers.

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