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msulli22 02-02-2012 11:37 PM

Rear riser pad recommendations?

I was hoping someone could recommend a rear riser pad that would protect a horse's back well. I tried one riser pad that compressed and made a hissing sound each time I posted and sat, and I felt very unstable in it, so I'm hoping that there's something out there that doesn't do that. My horse can get an achy back sometimes, so I'm looking for a riser pad that is good for making him comfortable and really takes the pressure off of his back along with a good pad.



AnneGage 02-02-2012 11:50 PM

I riser pad will not help your horse's back. It will just shift the pressure from the back of the saddle to the front. Spend your money on having a good saddle fitter look at your saddle on your horse. If it is an English saddle and is not stuffed with foam, a saddle fitter/maker can adjust the stuffing to fit your horse properly - as long as the tree is the right fit.

Trying to fix saddle fit with pads is like trying to make a pair of badly fitting shoes work by adding extra padding. It may help in the short term, but eventually your feet will be very uncomfortable.

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