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Tequila1233 02-03-2012 12:51 AM

Homemade X country course
Any ideas of a cheap affordable way to make a homemade cross country course? I have a 15 acre cleared pasture I would like to make a 12"-3' X country course in. Ideas ? Pics might help me to.
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shaggy 02-04-2012 01:00 AM

stacking logs or rocks is one easy way to make cross country jumps =)

Allison Finch 02-04-2012 01:06 AM

You can make great jumps out of wooden pallets. You can make walls and brush boxes. I used to stuff them with branches of artificial Xmas trees.

Tires can be "strung" on logs to make jumps, too.

Find some cedar trees or arborvitae trees and dig them up. Plant them in a row. They are fast growers and in no time you will be trimming them into whatever shapre you want for a brush jump.

find old firewood that no one wants to burn. Stack it like a cord of wood to jump.

Tequila1233 02-04-2012 01:01 PM

Oh thanks guys!
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Allison Finch 02-04-2012 02:02 PM

Found some sites that might help.

Make Your Own Cross-Country Jumps -

There is a great book about buildiing XC jumps. It is titled, ' The ABC's Of Cross-Country Design And Construction ".
106 pages of all you need to know on building a cross country course or just to build one or two jumps.
Talks about your training level,types of fences (66 listed),how to tie the ropes on the post and rail jumps, how much distance between jumps, its really got everything you need to know.

Types of XC jumps

In all reality, most XC jumps are simply oxers or verticals and can be practised on stadium type jumps. The big differences are;

Water jumps

If you build anything, it is best to try to build one of these. Be careful with a poorly built/designed water jump, though. You can do more damage than good if the jump is poorly done. You can scare a horse badly. I would look for established XC courses near you. Trailering there and schooling is a good way to go about a water jump.

xnechijumperx 02-07-2012 07:56 PM

Straw Bales and tires !

FSHjumper 02-10-2012 04:18 PM

I have TONS of different ideas for xc jumps, I only have so many supplies so I just constantly change up the ones I have in my field. I have several natural standards (no paint) and I use them for a lot of jumps. I take small logs to use as rails and put different items underneath the rails such as; brush, twigs and branches, tired, other logs, stumps, etc. That way they can constantly be changed. I also use the standards as the non-jumped sides of a corner and usually have a barrel, stump,or stacked tires to hold up the end that is going to be jumped. thats super easy to make.

We also have all the fence posts that were from an old fence and we werent reusing them for a new fence so i made standards out of the really good ones, and the others you can stack on top of each other to make a wall thats completely solid with no gaps and can be intimidating to horses. great thing is that you can constantly add on to that! (as long as you have more posts of course!) if you nail together, or brase the few bottoms ones you can just stack the top ones to fall off if the horse hits it so it doesnt get hurt.

I also have fallen down trees that are drup out and placed in the field, I occasionally lean tires against them in order to make it more like a gate, I have tons of tires, so I also just stack them up on top of eachother, usually about 2 or 3 deep, or put a pole through them so they hang from it.

I have lots of stumps that I line up and then usually stick a pole on the top or some tall brush through the middle with a line of stumps on either side to hold it in place. You can move all these different elements around to make combinations and such. If you cant make a ditch you can take some small branches (like 6inches tall or less) or some wood planks and place them side my side to make a rectangle that can symbolize a ditch.

Hay bales are another good one, and you can put poles over top, or stick brush down in it to stick up. If you can find large fallen trees that dont have any knobs or branches drap them out and use them! to add more difficulty put fences on uneven ground, like rolling hills, just start out small! its harder to be going down/up a hill and then jump!

All of these jumps are moveable! So easy to make all new courses in no time! If you dont have any of this stuff yet, just move show jumps out into the field and set them up to add terrain to the courses until you can get some other supplies!

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