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Joe4d 02-03-2012 04:51 PM

Still searching for suitable pants/breeches
well my search continues for some non binding comfortable riding pants.
I tried the Tuff rider Polo jeans, though they were great for a couple months, even bought another pair. The fit and look like normal mens pants. Were comfortable to ride in. But they have a horizontal seam across the lower butt. That seam has turned into a hacksaw blade, literally it saws right into your skin. It left big red welt, looked like I had been hit with a bull whip.

So talking about this with Dover CS, they recommended the Patrol Breeches, the pictures and descriptions are bad, the pants arrived today and they are frikking knickers, plus the shins are way too tight for anyone with actual calf muscles. Luckily I can return these unlike the Polo breeches.

So are there any mens riding pants that dont look like spandex, fit like regular pants and are suitable for endurance shoes or lace up ropers ?

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