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JulieK 02-05-2012 12:13 PM

Starting a Training Business-need opinion on name!!
I have been training horses for a few years now and want to make it an official business. so that means i need a name! I know which ones i like but i would like to here the opinions of people who dont know me.

A bit about what i do:
i live in a part of eastern Wisconsin with a very high horse population. The 4-H horse and pony project is huge so i do a lot of work with them as well as just regular horse owners looking to improve their riding or get their horses more trained. I give lessons, train horses and do clinics. right now i am in the process of finding a farm to run my business out of so i am a "traveling trainer" meaning i have to go to the clients farm. i am very much an all around trainer, but not necessarily an expert in anything. I use natural horsemanship based training methods.

the name should be non-specific when it comes to breed, age, discipline, or location.

here's what i have thought of so far:
Silver Wing Training
First Edition Performance Horses
TK Training and Performance Horses
Morning Star Farm
Falcon Crest Farm

Very open to suggestions! I have to compete with so very high quality farms in the area with very elegant sounding names.

thank you!! :D

OwnedByAlli 02-05-2012 12:25 PM

I quite like the Silver Wing Training one :) Sounds elegant and a bit different.

Round Cumbria most people are just know by their name, or their farm. My trainer is 'Claire from North Dykes' and most people recognise that and know who im (or at least who i might be) on about!

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