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BarrelracingArabian 02-05-2012 07:28 PM

price on this saddle
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We got this aussie with a horse a few years back only used it a hand full of times when my parents rode and now it is just sitting in the garage. The leather is in good condition has a cinch and my mom said it was very comfortable. It has an outback saddlery silver plate on the back. I'm not sure on the size but compared to a western I would guess it to be between a 16-17 or around there. So what would you guys say its worth?

DraftyAiresMum 02-05-2012 07:41 PM

What are good western saddles going for in your area? Are there many Aussie saddles for sale around you on Craigslist or Kijiji (or do you know if a decent number of people ride Aussie)? In my area, I wouldn't except a saddle like that to sell for more than $150-200, even fully fitted, but that's because not many people ride Aussie around here, so there isn't a market for them.

And leaving an Aussie saddle on the floor like that is a good way to break the tree. ;-)

BarrelracingArabian 02-05-2012 07:44 PM

Im not sure of many people that use aussies around my area but western saddles around here depending on their condition can go from 300-800 it just depends I posted it a little high just based off a few I looked at (325 or best offer).
Oh I dont leave it like that only set it there for a second to get a good picture as my stand is buried in a dark corner haha.

DraftyAiresMum 02-05-2012 07:49 PM

I paid $125 for mine. It's a no-name and didn't come with stirrups or a girth (which isn't a problem since it's been re-rigged western and I had a cinch my friend gave me that was too big for her horse), but the guy who owns our local tack shop and fixed one of the leathers for me really likes it and said that even though the leather isn't butter soft (like it would be on a Syd Hill), it's decent and well-made. The people were asking $250 for it at the local tack consignment shop and it'd sat there for at least three or four months, so they jumped at a lower price.

And good to know that it was only temporary. :-)

BarrelracingArabian 02-05-2012 07:52 PM

Yea I am definitely negotiable on it just dont see a point in it just sitting around doing nothing. I ride western and its quite big for me so I don't ever use it and am trying to get money saved up for a car so might as well get it out there :].
Yea it has a stand just needed to get it out in the light for a better picture

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