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Pony2012 02-06-2012 11:14 AM

New rescue pony doesnt like his legs touched
Hi All

Im new here but would like some advice on my new rescue pony.
I got him 3 weeks ago. He was going for meat until i eventually decided to take him on at the last min (couldnt let the poor thing go to the meat man!). I have been told he is 2 but i believe he maybe a little younger. Anyways he was in a pretty bad state and nervous around people and has been passed from person to person. I have got him to the point of him trusting me a little for instance following me around the yard, letting me approach him without backing away, taking his rug on and off, stroking various parts of his body and he seems to be opening up. Even though i have had him a short while i have managed to get him to pick his front feet up which he would not do the first day i got him but when i moved to his back end i hadnt even as much as put a finger on him when he decided to lash out. I left it at that because i do not want to put to much pressure on him as i think he is doing well at the moment and believe this is a minor problem but his feet could do with a trim so really looking at anybody with any advice on how to get him to trust me with his back legs without being kicked so i can get the farrier down. Sorry about the rant but i have never had to deal with a kicking horse before all mine have been superstars with their feet but thanks in advance and any advice is welcome :-)

kait18 02-06-2012 11:28 AM

i would get a trainer... personally

if he is not halter broke it is going to be difficult to do any further training.

so the order would be halter break, then get him comfortable with back legs being touched, then working on actually picking them up.

a trainer would be able to teach and show you what to do.. kinda hard to elaborate it over the internet.

tanya 02-06-2012 11:31 AM

First off welcome:D Im glad to hear you saved the him from the meat man. I have been told to gently take the lead rope swing it so it wraps around the legs so they get use to something touching the legs. Our little guy needs a little more handling so the farrier can do his feet also. I know someone will chime in that has a lot more experience than me. Post some pics of him sometime.

Foxhunter 02-06-2012 03:13 PM

Make yourself a hand!
Get a bamboo pole about 4 feet in length, find an old glove and stuff it with anything that allows it to hold a hand shape and duct tape it to the end of the pole.

Have the colt on a halter and use the hand to reach the parts that are not safe for you to handle. Stand by his shoulder so you are safe and I always allow them to circle around me if they are nervous but I keep the hand on them at all times. If he lashes out, do not get angry but push the hand under him and touch the other leg.
It is important to remain calm and not get in the slightest bit bothered by any antics he tries on. Just be persistent and keep touching, it gives him the chance to learn in a controlled manner that no matter what he does you are still going to continue with what you want to do and he will learn that the hand does not hurt him and fighting is pointless and accept it.Then you can use your own hand to touch him.

Just remember that young horses are very unbalanced when first asked to stand on three legs so only ask for him to just lift for a second and then release before he starts to fight you.

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