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Passion4Horses 02-06-2012 08:18 PM

problem with corners while cantering
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Ok so I have gotten down really bending and riding deep into the corners at the walk and trot, but when we canter its a different story.
The mare I ride really cuts corners bad when cantering and she tends to drop her inside shoulder and go on her forehand. I have tried using inside leg and outside rein but then she turns her head towards the outside. So am I supposed to keep her bent to the inside, and inside leg on, and keep contact with the outside rein? I am so confused! can someone please tell me in detail what to do to stop her from doing this! Also I am having trouble keeping her cantering. Thanks.

oh and by the way I am only riding once a week so I can't really do a lot with her training myself if that matters at all.

tinyliny 02-06-2012 08:22 PM

Yes, you need to take up the inside rein and inside leg, turn your hips a bit more when in the corner (which helps to unblock the inside shoulder of the horse and allow it to stay mover upright. YOu can even step a little into you OUTSIDE stirrup, put insdis leg on at girth and take up some inside rein. If your horse really needs to be strongly bent to the inside to help her get the "idea", then you need to give a bit in the out side rein. If you only need a little inside rein vibration, and maybe even put it against the neck on the inside a bit, then you do not need to give outside rein, just don't be rock hard there.

IquitosARG10 02-08-2012 05:03 PM

I agree with what TinyLiny said. My horse has the same horrible problem - and he does it at mach speed. Naughty! Anyways, I always work on lots of bending at the walk and trot.

Just a note to the previous post, make sure that your eyes are forward and looking around the corner! Sometimes I have to catch myself looking down because I anticipate the shoulder dropping. I actively engage my inside leg and inside rein enough to get the point across. I don't let him canter until he bends nicely while trotting so I know he is listening.

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